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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:28:22

NM corporations Watercoat enterprise

Our company developed Water Coat technology, which has antifouling and antirust effects. 

Our company developed a special ceramic for Water Coat technology, special high-pressure washing and coating equipment, and other related products. Water Coat is a nanotechnology that permeates water through a special ceramic to convert it into functional water with cleaning and film-forming effects. This forms a nano-level glass film, due to the principle of electroplating. 


[Product description] Water Coat is a glass coating that utilizes nanotechnology. It is an environmentally friendly technology that does not involve any organic solvents. It protects the top surface of the coating and material of an object, and retains its luster and shininess for a long time. It suppresses static electricity, which also leads to antifouling and antirust effects. It can be applied to painted surfaces, tiles, concrete, and aluminum construction materials on automobiles, ships, rolling stock, and exterior walls of buildings. You can enhance the added value of products by installing our device as the final process of a production line in a factory. [Intellectual property] Water Modifying Agent and Manufacturing Method (Japanese Patent Publication No. 3612442). Cleaning Method and Related Device (Japanese Patent Publication No. 3648104). Multipurpose Cleaning Equipment (Japanese Patent Publication No. 3786249).