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Latest update: 28/06/2022 13:48:37

KST World Corp.

We supply wafers with thick thermal oxide films of up to 30 μm in thickness.

We are a manufacturer specializing in film formation and deposition services, mainly of thermal oxide films on silicon wafers. We provide products to optical component manufacturers. We supply wafers with thick thermal oxide films of up to 30 μm in thickness with excellent surface cleanliness. Various manufacturers of optical components and communications equipment have adopted our products due to a wide range of size availability.


[Product description] We are the only manufacturer in Japan specializing in semiconductor processing services for silicon wafers from φ4 to φ12 inches in size. Because we are a specialized manufacturer, we can offer speedy and low-price service in providing test wafers necessary for development in the semiconductor business. This service is highly popular among clients. Our wide range of capabilities satisfies various customer requests from deposition of single-layer films to the most advanced fine patterning. We can also handle low-volume production, which helps you eliminate waste and thus contribute to cost reduction. [Market share/Ranking] 40% domestic and 20% abroad [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001 (December 1, 2005) [Major facilities and equipment] Various film formation devices, wafer cleaning apparatus, various examination instruments

[Product description] We are capable to manufacture silicon wafers with thermal oxide films up to 25 μm in thickness—beyond the conventional common wisdom—by utilizing the thermal oxidation method, which is used in production of semiconductors. It is generally known that oxide films created by thermal oxidation have better quality, evenness, and reproducibility than those created by different methods, but it has been conventionally believed that their thickness is limited up to around 3 μm. However, we have utilized our unique processing techniques and clean room environment rated as class 10 to successfully produce products with thickness beyond such a limit as well as with high cleanliness. We sell these silicon wafers to optical component manufacturers all over the world as circuit board materials for optical communication devices. The wafers are also gaining attention in totally different technological areas such as semiconductor power equipment, radio-frequency (RF) equipment and MEMS. [Market share/Ranking] 80% share of the global market for optical communication (optical waveguide) components [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001 (December 1, 2005). [Intellectual property] Patent No. 3697155 and No. 4398126 [Major facilities and equipment] Thermal oxidation furnace, film thickness measuring apparatus

[Product description] We succeeded in producing thick BOX-SOI (silicon on insulator) wafers with no similarities seen in the world by applying our thick film deposition techniques to SOI wafers. We also provide special SOI wafers with a cavity structure inside the SOI by utilizing our processing technique of silicon wafers which is our specialty. These special SOI wafers grant great advantages both in terms of performance and costs when used in semiconductor power devices and MEMS devices. There are only three manufacturers of cavity SOI in the whole world—and we are the only one in Japan. [Market share/Ranking] We are the only one company in the whole world that produces SOI with a BOX layer thicker than 4μm. Only three companies manufacture cavity SOI in the whole world including us. And we are the No. 1 in Asia. [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001 (December 1, 2005). [Intellectual property] Patent publication number: 2009-130328 [Major facilities and equipment] Wafer-bonding device, single-wafer-processing chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) apparatus, grinder, ultrasound imager