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U-TEC Corporation

A Corporation Group that Collectively has High Level Production Technologies

We are, together with the group companies both inside and outside Japan, engaged widely in technology development, liquid crystal-related devices,  solar cells , packaging and logistics , sale of home electrical appliances, and related commercialization, in an integrated manner. In particular,  we have established excellent global networks for home electrical appliances,  including heating/cooling equipment (for which we have the biggest market share in the industry  of personal refrigerators  and electric kettles.)

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[Company strength]
During 60-plus years since our foundation in 1952, our group has been expanding its business areas from manufacture and sale of cardboard box cases into the packaging sector, then into manufacturing including liquid crystal modules and solar cell modules.  Today, we are operating our business in the design and development area based on our wide business bases, focusing on new technology development.  With the most advanced technologies pursued by our seasoned engineers, and high-level production technologies, we will continue responding to diversifying customer needs with confidence.  

[Business description]
We are a member company of the U-TEC Group.  The Group consists of eight companies in Japan (2 packing and logistics related businesses; 4 device related; 1 household appliances and goods seller; and 1 drinking water and household goods seller) and seven overseas bases.  We, U-TEC Corporation, take the role of supporting all our  group companies, in their efforts to respond to clients' needs and pursue cutting edge technologies.
We, U-TEC Corporation, are mainly engaged in element technology development, design, prototyping and commercialization of electronics products.  We are constantly trying to hone our skills and technologies to respond to increasingly diverse customer requests.  

Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus

[Strength of products/technologies]
We conduct integrated technological development including commercialization,  evaluations (including reliability/functional assessments and production quality inspections), and mass production in tandem with our group companies.  We can promote and develop product planning,  software development,  electric/electronic circuit design  and mechanism design, production, and technological development (including prototyping, processing,  development of production facilities and tools , and construction of trial manufacturing lines.)

[Representative's message]
We were founded as “Uchiyama Cotton Mill” in 1952, and have expanded into new sectors throughout our history.  We began our business with manufacture and sale of cardboard products, and then moved to comprehensive logistics including packaging and warehouse management , then expanded into manufacture of liquid crystal and solar cell modules, as well as technological development.  With our motto “Harmony with the Heart,” we have been conducting our business activities and  trying to become a trustworthy company for our clients.  With our corporate philosophy—“Environment , Sensibility , Technology , Collaboration,  Contribution,  and Dreams”—we in U-TEC will continue making efforts  to contribute to society.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our Administration Division coordinates among three development divisions to respond to clients' requests.  These divisions are separately in charge of the AV/device business, system solution business,  and new projects, and have professional engineers as their staff members.  We also have a laboratory where new products are planned, developed, and designed based on research of element technologies.

[Awards and media coverage]
2013: Small & Medium Enterprises Fair 2013 in Kansai; 2013 Osaka Industrial Fair; Powtex Osaka /Tokyo 2013; Agro Innovation 2013; Science Expo 2013; 2013 Japan-China Monozukuri Exhibition 2013 in Shanghai; and others  2014 (scheduled): Small & Medium Enterprises Fair; Osaka Industrial Fair; and others

Certified the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program.
Certificates for international standards.
Certificates for  ISO9001 (November 8,  2002).
Certificates for ISO14001 (March 22,  2002; as the U-TEC Group).
Certificates for ISO/IEC2700 (September 28,  2006).
Certificates for OHSAS18001 (December 7,  2010; as the U-TEC Group).
* For the scope of application of registered ISO and OHSAS  please refer to our homepage.

[Joint research and development]
We have participated in joint development and research projects with universities and other laboratories.

[Factory (domestic)]
Factories of the U-TEC Group: Main Factory, U-Pack Corporation (Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture; production of cardboard cases and vacuum formed trays); Yokota Factory, Logix Corporation (Tenri City, Nara Prefecture; production of copying machine toner); Kashihara Factory, Kashihara Technology Corporation (Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture; production of solar cell modules) ; First to Third Factories, Mie Technology Corporation (Taki-County, Mie Prefecture; production of liquid crystal modules); Main Factory and Seki SMC, Kameyama Technology Corporation (Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture; production of liquid crystal modules); Yaita Factory, Kameyama Technology Corporation (Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture; production of liquid crystal modules)

[Factory (overseas)]
Overseas factories of the U-TEC Group and its affiliates: Wuxi U-Pack Co., Ltd. (Wuxi City, China; production of cardboard cases and vacuum formed trays); Wuxi Technology Co., Ltd. (Wuxi City, China; production of liquid crystal displays); Dongguan Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan City, China; production of liquid crystal displays); Shanghai Senzhong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (Shanghai City, China; production of home electrical appliances); Morita Electric (Ningbo) Co. Ltd. (Ningbo Cixi City, China; production of home electrical appliances)

[Other sites]
Matsukasa Office, U-TEC Corporation (base for technological development; Koriyama City, Nara Prefecture); Tokyo Technology Center, U-TEC Corporation (base for technological development; Minato-Ward, Tokyo)

[Transaction form]
Outsourcing; OEM contracts; joint development ; worker dispatch for design development,  test, production, and processing  development; and maintenance of production facilities  etc.

[Transaction terms]
To be discussed

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sharp Corporation , Duskin Co.  Ltd. , Kokuyo S&T Co.  Ltd. , Casio Computer Co.  Ltd. , and others

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