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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:25:21

Tobata Turret Co., Ltd.

Development of non-ferrous metals and aluminum die-casting products

We are the only mass production factory of aluminum die-casting and non-ferrous metal forging in northern Kyushu.  We practice a variety of techniques  such as heat and cold forgings of non-ferrous metals , aluminum die-casting,  precision machining,  friction welding, and brazing.  With these,  we manufacture housing construction-related parts such as washing metal fittings and cooling tower parts,  power-related parts such as switch and power distribution-related parts, and auto parts. Our company is also actively engaged in developing new technologies.


[Product description] We have built a mass production forging facility for copper, brass, and aluminum in Kyushu. We contribute to cost reduction by ensuring strength (one of the prominent characteristics of forging) and by improving the yield. We form metal materials using dies, applying pressure, and through plastic flow. This makes fiber flow lines continuous and the structure dense, and the forged materials will be strong with fewer hollows. We have a record with forged copper products mainly in the power components (especially in the power distribution) sector. As for forged brass products, we mass-produce faucet fittings such as those for baths and toilets at 20, 000 to 30, 000 units per month. Our forged aluminum products are widely used for hydraulic and power-related components, which require lightness and strength. [Market share/Ranking] Our long-term clients in the power sector include transformer and switch manufacturers in Kyushu. In the housing facilities sector, we have a long relationship with major faucet apparatus manufacturers. [Major facilities and equipment] 400t/200t hot forging press , 250t cold forging press, and 200t continuous hot forging press