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From design to installation of resistors for vehicles and other purposes in an integrated manner

We manufacture various resistors  including resistors for train services (by JR and private railways),  and neutral grounding resistors for power companies and general consumers. We manufacture products for a wide range of fields , including auxiliary power supplies in small and medium capacities for vehicles, as well as control devices related to inverters and converters.  Our clients include government and municipal offices, and companies in different sectors, such as railway , power,  heavy industry, and engineering. We also design and manufacture control equipment for railways.

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[Company strength]
We are a manufacturer specializing in resistors and resistive elements, who will have our centenary in 2017.  We  have manufactured a variety of resistor applications including resistors for trains (for JR and private railways),  neutral grounding resistors (for various power companies and general consumers), and other various registers for key usages.  We are strengthening our organizational structure to anticipate potential needs in many fields, including manufacturing auxiliary power supplies for cars in small and medium capacities and control devices associated with inverters and converters, and through these activities we would like to contribute to society.  We are proud of the world-class quality and reliability of our products, which have been cultivated through our continuous research and development  efforts.

[Business description]
Our company  was founded in Naniwa-ku,  Osaka City in 1917 , and has advanced as a manufacturer specialized in resistors and resistor elements. Our products are widely used for infrastructure applications, by government offices as well as companies in different sectors such as railway,  power generation, power wholesale, electric appliances, heavy electric , heavy industries, and engineering.  We also design and manufacture control equipment for special use in railways.  We have an organizational structure that enables us to deliver products with superior quality, and join customer projects from initial specification-setting stages upon their request.  We are making efforts for new technologies day in and day out, in the belief that research and development for them is a crucial business activity.

Manufacture and sale of electrical machinery and appliances

[Strength of products/technologies]
We perform all processes from design to delivery and installation in a consistent and integrated manner, in order to listen to customer requests and deliver the best suited products for them.  We also manufacture resistance elements to be built into products in-house, under strict quality control.  Our products can deal with high voltage,  high current,  large capacity .  We conduct electrical insulation performance verifications in our in-house facility, for equipment used in ultra-high voltage for power grids. The high-current and large-capacity resistors used for electric trains and industry require very large footprint and volume in the normal natural-cooling, therefore we offer a compact-sized product using our unique forced air cooling technology.

[Representative's message]
Our sales used to consist of 70% for vehicles , 20% for electric power, and 10% for other usage.  But we have been aiming at a better-balanced business development without overreliance on sales for vehicles.  We have been working on control equipment since 1992, the field which we consider has highest potential.  We intend to develop more products in this field.  We are also considering setting up our own production site overseas in the near future.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We think that our organizational structure with our Sales Division in its center is sufficiently ready to deal with major companies in Japan.  We intend to retain this structure for future transactions with major firms as well.  This structure may not be sufficient for overseas deployment, so  we aim to reinforce our structure to be capable of deploying overseas in line with policies of heavy electric companies who are our clients.

[Market share/Ranking]
With the highest share at more than 90% in the large-capacity resistor market

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Excellent Osaka Manufacturing Corporate Awards 2012; Excellent Corporate Awards (2012)
[Media] Distributed Kirari “The company has changed at that time” issued by Osaka Industrial Association (published in November  2009).

ISO9001: Certified.
Certified and certified under the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program

[Joint research and development]
Ongoing joint research projects with Shimane University and Osaka Prefecture University

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
JR as well as other public and private railway companies (speed control resistors),   electric power companies (Tohoku , Tokyo,  Chubu,  Hokuriku , Kansai , Chugoku,  Kyushu, and Okinawa) (neutral grounding resistor) , Hitachi  Ltd. (construction machinery resistors),  Toshiba Corporation (auxiliary power units),  and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and other heavy electric companies (load resistors)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Toshiba Dalian Co.  Ltd. (dynamic braking resistors for vehicle)

[Exhibition History/Information]
Railway Technology Exhibition 2011

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