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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:24:32

Yoshikawa Kasei CO., LTD.

We design and manufacture dies with molds of thermoplastic resins (including general plastics and super engineering plastics) as well as injection moldings, in an integrated manner.

We respond to various needs for molding and secondary processing (coating, printing, deposition, assembly etc.) for industries including automobile, optical, medical, office equipment, household appliances, information devices, in addition to our own products. We provide technical support to our clients from the design phase through to the mass-production phase.  We have made inroads into Malaysia and Thailand.


[Product description] We manufacture general optical parts. These include plastic lenses for information devices such as cellular phones and digital cameras, in addition to head-up displays for automobiles, lamps, and plastic lenses for cameras. We possess technology that enables free-formed surface optical board-type parts to be molded with negligibly small distortion. We are second-to-none in this technology. A strong point of our company is that we have established an integrated in-house manufacturing system for optical items including mold design, trial manufacturing, molding, and vapor deposition. We have established a manufacturing facility in Japan in Iwate prefecture. We also have a similar facility overseas in Thailand, and we can support global manufacturing. We can also supply products with dimension of 300 mm × 300 mm × H2.4 mm for lenses 20 mm thick or more, and large thin-type light guides. It is a strong point of the vapor deposition step that AR coating can be conducted onto PMMA without an undercoat. [Major facilities and equipment] We possess the following facilities: Cleanroom factories for optical parts (up to Class 10000; factories in Iwate prefecture and in Thailand). Molding machines for optical parts (40 sets of 30- to 300-ton class). Vapor deposition equipment (6 sets). Measuring machines (such as UA3P500H), and so on.

[Product description] We have developed a technology that enables special LIM molding for heat-resistant lenses. Our optical lens molding using thermosetting resin is the world’s first approach of this kind. The characteristics of our products include half the weight compared to a glass product, and heat resistance to a temperature of 300°C (corresponding to reflow). The mold life is also extended 60-fold. Shape freedom is high, productivity is enhanced 10-fold, and the surface hardness is the equivalent of glass. We are conducting joint R&D with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical and Iwate University, and our target is to realize manufacturing that cannot be imitated by our competitors. [Authorization/Certification] Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program selection (2013). [Major facilities and equipment] Thermosetting molding machines, and heating and cooling temperature control systems.

[Product description] We possess technology that makes it possible to realize the customer' s image of a medical device in a concrete form. We have the strength to conduct all the steps from the product concept to development and design, modeling, trial manufacturing, evaluation and inspection, pharmaceutical affairs applications, and mass production. In Japan we have bases in Osaka prefecture (manufacturing and sales) and Shizuoka prefecture (manufacturing), and we can supply products with reliable Japanese quality (ISO 13485). Multi-layer tube molding and the X-ray non-penetration lines can be inserted in the extruders. We can also offer welding and gluing processing for any kind of resin in the finishing or manufacturing steps. [Intellectual property] Osaka factory acquired ISO 13485 certification (November 2006). Shizuoka factory acquired ISO 13485 certification (February 2013). [Major facilities and equipment] Cleanroom factories for medical equipment (up to Class 10000). Two factories, in Osaka and Shizuoka prefectures. Molding machines for medical equipment (13 sets of 30- to 300-ton class). Extruders for medical equipment (2 sets).

[Market share/Ranking] Our original underfloor storage compartment: 40% domestic market share [Major facilities and equipment] Injection molding machine : 1600t class