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Saraya Co., Ltd.

We provide commodities and services under the themes of sanitation, environment, and health.

We develop, manufacture and sell chemical products for household and business uses, such as cleaning agents, disinfectants, gargles. Our unique plant-derived sophorolipid product is very safe for humans and highly biodegradable.  It can be used as a cleaning agent for kitchen and laundry detergents or as an emulsifier for cosmetics. 
We provide consulting services on food and workplace sanitation, as well as develop, manufacture, and sell health foods. We also put emphasis on developing overseas sales channels and are currently establishing businesses in developing countries such as India and Uganda.

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[Company strength]
We have been continuously developing various global markets in the field of household and business products (for corporate users)under the themes of sanitation, environment and health with a perspective that differs from those of other companies, while committing ourselves to reducing environmental burdens. Our highly-acclaimed products include: "Yashinomi Detergent", which is friendly to people and the environment; additive-free soap "arau.", which targets babies and people with sensitive skin; and "Lakanto S" natural sweetener, which is for people suffering from diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases. We are also building up new business models in India, Uganda and other developing countries to globally expand our business.

[Business description]
We develop, manufacture and sell household and business products such as cleaning agents, disinfectants, gargles. We provide consulting service on food and workplace sanitation. Our operation also includes integrated health food production that encompasses development, manufacturing and sales.

Chemical product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our unique plant-derived sophorolipid is very safe for humans and highly biodegradable. It is an ideal material for kitchen and laundry detergents as a cleaning agent because of its surfactant effect. It also works efficiently in many ways such as an emulsifier and an effective carrier of active ingredients to the skin in cosmetics. Research has proven that sophorolipid enables active ingredients to be efficiently absorbed also through the intestinal tract, which is especially promising in the field of future functional foods. We have a long history of R&D in this field, and have established the world’s first industrial production system for high-purity sophorolipid.

[Representative's message]
We started our global operation by establishing a joint venture Best Sanitizers, Inc. in California, USA in 1995. In 2003 we constructed a factory in Guangdong, China and established sales offices in Hong Kong and Korea. A factory in Thailand, and offices in Taiwan and Belgium opened in 2004, and also offices in Shanghai, Australia, Canada, and Russia in 2005. We are now taking on the challenge of business in developing countries such as India and Uganda. We will continue to play a globally-active role as a sanitation, environment and health professional company, pursuing our mission of creating harmony with the global environment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company is organized in five business segments: The Food Sanitation Department for food-related companies; The Public Sanitation Department for governmental agencies, schools, and companies; The Medical and Pharmaceutical Department for medical care facilities; The Health Care Department for welfare facilities; and The Customer Department for consumers. Also, The Global Operations Division supports overseas customers. At our Biochemical Laboratory, we have equipment and system for regular customer support , and in addition, we also have project teams that engage in speedy future product development in each field.

[Awards and media coverage]
The 25th Excellent New Technologies and Products Award (2012), Excellence Prize and Special Prize for Environmental Contribution; Social Products Award, Grand Prize.

NHK, “Luzon no Tsubo” (November 4, 2007); BS-TBS, “Mirai e no Okurimono” (August 3, 2013).

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (METI of Japan).

[Joint research and development]
Joint research with Osaka Prefecture University (since 2011), Tottori University (since 2011), and Kyoto University (since 2011), as well as with Osaka University and Hoshi University.

[Factory (domestic)]
Osaka, Mie

[Factory (overseas)]
China, Thailand, Malaysia

[Other sites]
Biochemical Laboratory, Tokyo Branch 

[Transaction form]
Upon consultation

[Transaction terms]
Upon consultation

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Olympus (dedicated chemical agent for endoscope cleaning and disinfecting device, supplied since 2000)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Olympus America, Olympus China, etc. (dedicated chemical agent for endoscope cleaning and disinfecting device, supplied since 2000)

[Exhibition History/Information]
New Materials and Processing Technologies Expo. 2013; ICPIC 2013.

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ