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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:24:04

Osaka Asahi Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing of bearings used in power plants and for marine engines of cargo ships and tankers

We excel in large bearings.  We have successfully developed first-class bearings after repeated experiments in actual size settings to enhance functionality and durability against fatigue.  Since then, these bearings have been adopted as the main bearings of marine diesel engines.  We have also succeeded in developing high purity manganese through joint research projects with universities.  We are now the world's only supplier of this high purity metal, and are highly praised by users  across the world for the product's quality and our capability to provide a stable supply.


[Product description] Plain bearings are used in electricity, which is indispensable for our everyday lives. They are also used in the main equipment of ships, which assume key roles in logistics across the world. Bearings are critical parts that support rotary motions while enduring high loads, and some people call them “the heart of rotating machines” for their roles. The quality of this product is not only represented by a μm-level machining precision, but also by the fact it was conceived by gathering various technologies, including casting with zero defects while sticking two different metals together, heat treatment, and bending. We have a 95-year history as a company which has kept developing and supplying highly public products with unique ideas and technologies. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 certified (February 3rd 2000)

[Product description] Convenient and comfortable lives depend on the creation of new technologies and new industries. Rapidly advancing semiconductor technologies are utilized in increasingly varied industries, including optical communication, mobile data terminal devices, sensors for the latest diagnostic equipment and for healthcare purposes, and solar batteries. Osaka Asahi Metals' plant has been manufacturing high purity metals with over 99.9999% of purity since 1958 in support of the semiconductor industry. We will further conduct research and development activities towards new technologies, and contribute to industries and society. [Intellectual property] Method for manufacturing high purity manganese (patent number 3825984)

[Product description] Usage of low-melting point alloys used to be limited to low-temperature solders, fuses, fire sprinkler faucets, safety valves of high pressure gas cylinders, and miniatures, etc. We have discovered that these alloys can have greater strength and provide much wider use by adding another metal to them and changing their compositions. This new alloy is Asahi Metals’ “U-Alloy”, an alloy that melts in hot water. The U comes from the Japanese word “yu”, which means “hot water” and has the same pronunciation as "u". We offer 26 types with different melting temperatures (from 16 to 183 degrees Celsius) for U-Alloy. Among them, we offer 7 types of eco friendly lead-free, cadmium-free U-Alloy, with each melting temperature 16, 60, 72, 78, 109, 138, and 150 degrees Celsius.

[Product description] Each type of copper-based mother alloy facilitates the task of adding metallic elements in manufacturing lead frame materials and copper alloys, helping to improve the quality and retention property of these products. Along with Cu, the main ingredient, Cr, Ni, Co, Si, Mn, Fe, and Zr are dissolved in a high-frequency melting furnace to obtain a highly-concentrated binary copper-based mother alloy. The main items: Cr-Cu(10:90), Mn-Cu(35:65), Si-Cu(10:90), Ni-Cu(30:70), and Co-Cu(10:90).