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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:23:45

DSP technology CO., LTD.

We are specialized in development of real time simulators that run created models.

We have been dedicated to the development of real time simulators for motor control since our foundation.  We provide, and conduct joint research projects with universities on, rapid prototype controller systems for developing controllers and MOTOR-HILS with virtual motors.  Our virtual motors to evaluate motor controllers are compatible with JMAG-designed models, which provide highly precise and swift operability as well as a model of nonlinear response.  The company has obtained 8 patents in relation to motor control.

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[Company strength]
We have been developing real-time simulators for motor control systems  since our foundation.  We provide virtual motor systems to evaluate motor controllers (MOTOR-HILS) as well as rapid prototype controller systems to help the development of controllers. Our virtual motors are compatible with models designed with JMAG, and can be operated at high speed with great precision and with a model of nonlinear response. We also provide technical support to help our customers to generate results efficiently, from proposing device integration to operation. We have also obtained many patents related to virtual motors and motor control.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell real-time simulators that run models created with the simulation software MATLAB/Simulink in real time. We are providing support equipment to save time,reduce costs, and obtain ingenious results, mainly in the field of research & development of motor control systems. We also provide solutions to address various issues.

Manufacturing of simulation equipment

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have obtained 8 patents related to motor control (7 of them in 2013).  We have, in particular, developed a new control system with Akatsu Laboratory in Shibaura Institute of Technology which reduces torque ripple, and obtained a patent.  We are also developing embedded-type controllers to use and evaluate this control system, which are to be put on sale in 2014.  We provide models of operations associated with CarSim (vehicle match models) to evaluate EV & HEV motor loads, battery amplifiers that can simulate batteries, and battery charge and discharge test models as well.

[Representative's message]
Our real-time simulator is a product to support our clients' research and development.  The cost for this may look relatively high; therefore we provide support services to ensure our product contributes to your research and development with excellent results.  Also, we are proactively working to meet client needs and requests on functional improvements.  We work on creation of even better products along with building up long-term cooperative relations with our clients.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Most of our transactions are with users in Japan at present.  However, we are beginning to expand our business overseas along with filing and acquiring patents for our domestically patented technologies.  We are planning to make our patented control systems Integrated Circuit-compatible, and are considering entering into a license agreement with device manufacturers in future.  Also, we will be considering selling real-time simulators for algorithms testing and real-time simulators for evaluating control devices to which an Integrated Circuit with user-developed algorithms is mounted.

[Awards and media coverage]
2002: Award of Excellence at the Chubu News Business Award / 2010: Chukei Frontier Award (The Mid Japan Economist)

[Joint research and development]
Shibaura Institute of Technology: Akatsu Laboratory: [2012] Optimization control of motors featuring torque with strong non-linearity [2013] Development of a motor control system using inverse models and development of a control system that can reduce core loss

[Transaction terms]
Payment cycle (bank transfer): the closing date is month-end and the payment date is the end of the following month.  

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso Corporation, Toyota Industries Corporation, etc.

[Exhibition History/Information]
The National Convention Exhibition of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan / IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference / MATLAB – EXPO / JMAG Users Conference / The National Convention Exhibition of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (scheduled) / IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference (scheduled) / MATLAB – EXPO (scheduled)/ JMAG Users Conference (scheduled)

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