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We manufacture electronic information communications equipment that has been adopted in the aviation and space fields, such as equipment onboard artificial satellites.

We have been developing our business with a focus on printed circuit board (PCB) mounting and the assembly of the high-density electronic devices. We have further refined out integrated consignment system for electronic information communications equipment, from product planning and design to material supply, manufacturing, and testing. We have abundant experience in manufacturing equipment for major companies, the aerospace industry, and communications infrastructure facilities. We also develop and provide high-speed chargers for lead storage batteries and regenerating equipment for lead batteries as our in-house products.


[Product description] Our company will provide appropriate support for the customer’s development by participating in product development from an early stage. At the same time we will support overall product development through stages including circuit design, substrate design, cabinet design, mounting and assembly, trial manufacturing, material procurement, production and cost management. We engage production innovation staff to contribute to the customer’s productivity improvement. They will propose products that have high quality and cost performance based on daily productivity improvement activities. [Major facilities and equipment] Surface-mount 5-line equipment (screen printer; equipment for solder printing inspection, high-speed adhesive coating, high-speed chip mounting, irregular-shape mounting, N2 reflow, substrate appearance inspection, laser marking, X-ray inspection, and jet-type soldering; desktop soldering robot ultrasonic cleaner, etc.)

[Product description] We conduct high-mix low-volume production of high-density electronic devices mounted on substrates. This is done by bonding bare chips (semiconductor, etc., elements in a state in which they have simply been cut down from a wafer), and by using wire bonding technology. We have prepared a cleanroom and highly skilled technicians.

[Product description] All staffs use state-of-the-art equipment after learning the basic knowledge of electronic components. We realized thorough quality control system by checking at each process by inspection staffs. Especially, we pay meticulous attention to static electricity, and perform rigorous temperature/humidity control in work environment. [Authorization/Certification] We were certified ISO 9001 in December 2000, and ISO 14001 in January 2005. We will keep on providing products at reasonable prices, based on customer first policy and meticulous attention to manufacturing environment. [Major facilities and equipment] Optical appearance inspection machine VT-RNS, Laser appearance inspection machine IPKV3, Laser solder printing inspection machine MK5440L, Desktop appearance inspection machine BRC-168DT, X-ray testers, Microscopes, Function inspection machines, in-circuit testers, etc.

[Product description] It can refresh deteriorated batteries just by charging/discharging (no regenerating solution is needed), because sulfuric acid concentration of battery electrolyte is gradually increased and homogenized. In addition, daily use of the refresher contributes to battery life extension. (1) It can refresh 3 times faster then other companies’ recovery devices (2) Anyone can use it easily only by pushing the button. (3) It also can be used as a battery charger. We have lineups for forklift batteries, automobile batteries with one channel, automobile batteries with multiple channels (3-12 channels). [Major facilities and equipment] Load resistors and control panels for battery charge/discharge testing

[Product description] I.C & C (Interrupted Check & Charge) means the technology that apply the largest current within the tolerance and charge best suited to the battery condition, while supervising the battery condition. [Features and benefits] 1. Charging time is fast as about 1/2 than existing products. (1) Reserve batteries are reduced, work efficiency is improved, and it is chargeable within midnight power. 2. Electric cost is low. (2) Cost is 30% cheaper than conventional transformer system 3. Good for batteries (3) No overcharge is occurred, then deterioration is prevented (battery life is extended), and the number of times of replenishing water is reduced [Authorization/Certification] Accredited “Shin Renkei Shien Jigyo” by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry [Intellectual property] “Battery charger of secondary batteries and charging method of secondary batteries” Patent publication No. 2009-158176 (Japan) [Major facilities and equipment] BATTERY HiTESTER BT3563 by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION, Siemens tester TEC4500 and CCA tester PBT-300 by Midtronics, Inc.


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