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Hirai SK Corporation

We have a competence in metal etching  and LTCC process technologies.

We are the all-round metal process manufacturer ranging from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to electronics, automotive, medical devices and aircraft fields. In addition to laser process and wire process, we have Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technologies, and provide from designing to manufacturing. Especially, we can clad metal sheets and LTCC substrates together, and provide plating of LTCC substrates in-house. By virtue of above, we can provide flexible design and quick delivery at low prices. 

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[Company strength]
The company has 47 years of experiences and is the all-round metal process provider to various customers ranging from semiconductor process equipments to electronics, automotive, medical device, and aircraft applications.  We are pleased to provide with both sample making and the mass production.  As for the metal sheets, the thickness range from 5 um to a few tens of milli-meters, while, as for the LTCC, we could provide with the design support to the manufacturing.  The advantages of the HIRAI LTCC is its in-house capability of the metal-clad and the plating of LTCC substrates, and such our technology competance should bring you the effective freedom for optimum design, at lower cost, with the shortest T.A.T.

[Business description]
We focus on various in-house process, including metal etching, PI etching, plating, Wire-EDM, CO2/fiber laser, form-machining and drilling work, and the LTCC.  The company is an all-round manufacturer to provide various products with the right process technologies.

Manufacturer of electronic machinery and apparatus 

[Strength of products/technologies]
We recognize that a high-Q or low-loss is the key for the LTCC substrate. Focusing on foundry service of RF substrates, since 10 years ago, we have been engaged in the development of high-Q/high-density substrates.  Recently, we have developed new dielectric material together with the new concept of co-firing, in collaboration(*) with 7 other institutions, and achieved the world's lowest 0.45 dB/cm of micro-stripline loss at milli-meter wave band. In comparison, previous LTCC substrates exhibits a big loss of 5-6 dB/cm.  (*)“Development of mm-wave LTCC substrates with high-Q, low permittivity and high-density integration” in Sophistication Support Project for Strategic Base Technologies, hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in fiscal year 2011.

[Representative's message]
Established 47 years ago in 1967, we have satisfied the customers' needs & demands with process technologies, including metal etching process, machining process  (such as laser and wire-cut process), ceramic (LTCC), and so on, and, we wish to extend and expand our process technologies.  For that purpose, we plan to put more priority on the service to the customer, rather not confined in thinking about just issues of the manufacturing.  We will keep on making efforts hard to enhance technical capabilities for customers' satisfaction, i.e., high quality and shorter lead time.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The sales team, located close to the factories of Osaka, Ogaki, and Kumamoto, could support the customers and solve the problems ASAP, by discussing with the engineers working in the same factory directly.  In order to match your any requirements, we provide suggestions with our various technologies and will help you efficiently.  For overseas business, we will consider to enlarge it, in case that any company would like the collaboration with us.

[Market share/Ranking]
(To date, no available LTCC substrates at millimeter-waveband have been marketed)

[Awards and media coverage]
Featured in an articles of The Dempa Times   (dated November 27, 2013, and in 2010),  and of Microwave Journal [U.S] (June 2007) 

Certified ISO9001 (November 2001),  Certified ISO14001 (January 1999) 

[Joint research and development]
“Development of milli-meter wave slot-array antennas with hollow configuration", in Support Project for Sample Making of Small Manufacturers, hosted by National Federation of Small Business Associations (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in fiscal year 2011).  “Development of milli-meter wave LTCC substrate with high-Q, low permittivity and high integrability”, in Sophistication Support Project for Strategic Base Technologies, hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in fiscal year 2011.

[Factory (domestic)]
Osaka fab., Osaka CAD center, Ogaki fab., Kumamoto fab.

[Other sites]
Tokyo sales office, Ogaki office, Kyushu sales office

[Transaction form]
Sample making, Co-development, Outsourcing of process, Sales & Marketing of products/materials, etc. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
More than 800 industries, e.g., KYOCERA, Canon, Sharp, Sony, TOSHIBA, TOYOTA, FUJITSU, Murata..

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Approx. 30 overseas industries. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
CEATEC Japan 2014 (October 7–12, 2014).
TECH Biz Expo 2014 (October 22–24, 2014).
MWE2013, 2007–2009.
IEEE-MTTS (USA), 2007–2009. 
EuMC (Europe), 2007–2010. 
Millimeter Wave Symposium GSMM-2013 at Tohoku University.
International Aerospace Industrial Exhibition 2013.
M-Tech Kansai 2013.

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