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We focus on manufacturing business of resin molding components and precise sheet metal components.

We can apply laser markings to 3D objects by a self-developed 3D laser process machine in resin molding parts manufacturing. We also accept demanding jobs. We have an integrated system that enables us to accept design jobs of sheet metal chassis and small lot orders for processing of precise sheet metal.

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[Company strength]
Our position has shifted compared to competitors and investment management resources to a niche area based on the common policy of manufacturing  resin mold components and precise sheet metal components. We can apply laser marking to 3D objects by a self-developed 3D laser process machine in the area of manufacturing resin mold components. We even accept jobs that other companies refuse. Our focus of manufacturing precise sheet metal components is not on the mass production. We focus on the design of sheet metal chassis and small-lot sheet metal chassis production which competitors are not good at instead. We have an integrated production system that also allows us to carry out post-process of surface treatment and assembling.

[Business description]
Our main business is the manufacture of resin mold components and precise sheet metal components. We outsource existing technologies (molding, forming, coating, plating, and evaporation) and conduct laser processing, which needs special processing methods,  for resin molding to add value to our products. We have an integrated production system for the manufacturing of precise sheet metal components, including sheet metal chassis design for a relatively small lot, as well as surface treatment and assembly.

Manufacturing of resin mold components and precise sheet metal components

[Strength of products/technologies]
Laser marking was a technology specializing in flat surface process. However, our company succeeded in applying a laser process to 3D objects by developing a 3D laser process machine co-developed with Gunma Industry Support Center. This 3D laser process machine and laser peeling technology for metal evaporated coating allow clear decorations with metallic luster on resin mold components in complicated shapes. The application of this technology includes gaming equipment, lighting equipment, lens for cars, and a wide range of other products. 

[Representative's message]
We have created unique technologies since our foundation for the differentiation from our competitors. We will keep on enhancing the technology so that we can be a valuable company for our customers. In the future we are going to develop new sales distribution routes with self-developed 3D laser process machine. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have counter setting for laser marking and it provides consultation for technical matters by phone and e-mail. Our president and board members  consult with new customers proactively and if needed they meet customers in person to solve the problems. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Market share of 5% in Japan in the field of slot machine mold components decorated by laser-peeling process 

[Awards and media coverage]
THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN (June 2009, May 2011, and April 2012),  JOMO SHINBUN (May 2009, September 2010, August 2012),  Gunma Keizai Shimbun (April 2010, October 2012)

Management Innovation Plan (precise sheet metal) approved in 2008. Outstanding Original Technologies in Gunma (laser process) 2010.

[Joint research and development]
Gunma Industry Support Center (Product development of a high accurate  5 axes-coregulated laser process machine for 3 years [2010-2012])

[Factory (domestic)]
Headquarters’ plant (Ota-city, Gunma-prefecture, Japan)

[Other sites]
Headquarters’ plant (Ota-city, Gunma-prefecture, Japan) 

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, consignment manufacturing, and sales of products & materials

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sophia Co. Ltd (Manufacturer of resin components  2007-present), MED-TECH INC. (Medical devices  2007-present), Panasonic Corporation (Air conditioner components in 2013),  SANDEN Corporation (Heat exchanger in 2013)

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten 2012, Mechanical Components & Materials Technology EXPO 2012/2013, CMF DESIGN EXHIBITION Vol.3 AOYAMA MATERIAL FESTIVAL 2013,  Process Technologies Providing Designs with Added Value 2013, LIGHTING JAPAN 2014

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