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Latest update: 20/02/2017 13:55:54

OPTON Co., Ltd.

Specializing in robot pipe benders for bending pipes as well as 3D scanners

We developed our products using 3 core technologies: optical measurement, CNC control and machine/electricity integral design. We also have a number of patents and know-how to protect these products, ensuring a strong competitiveness. Our products include DDV hydraulic servo pumps which contribute to energy saving, 3D scanners which enable complicated inspections to be fully automated, and robot bender FA systems which enable great manpower reduction. We sell these products in the global market.

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[Company strength]
1.  We have a number of patents and know-how to protect our products developed using our 3 core technologies. This ensures a strong competitiveness of our products.
2. Our products include DDV hydraulic servo pumps which contribute to energy saving, 3D scanners which enable complicated inspections to be fully automated, and robot bender FA systems which reduce manpower requirements. The needs for these products will grow significantly in the next economic expansion, and we sell them in the global market.  
3. We are moving on to carrying out group management because the integrated IT has completed at the end of 2013. This enables transparent business management, reduction of waste in sales and production, expansion of profits, development of human resources, and globally integrated management.

[Business description]
1. Our three core technologies are  "optical measurement", "CNC control" and "machine/electricity integral design". We use these technologies to develop, design and manufacture original products in our main factory. We have 6 sales branches and 5 distributors. 
2. We specialize in triaxial NC control CNC pipe benders, robot pipe benders, and 3D scanners. We focus on expanding our overseas affiliated companies (currently 4 affiliated companies) and improving sales distributors in order to expand our sales in the global market. 
3. We will add manufacturing functions to affiliated companies in South Korea and Thailand to respond to the increased sales.

Manufacturing and sales of industrial machines

[Strength of products/technologies]
1. Our product development power is highly flexible because our core technologies have been finely tuned by us. 
2. We have advantages in global expansion because we have many product families which are backed by patents, know-how and past results and have great competitiveness.
3. There is a great need for our CNC pipe bender series, WIN robot bender series, 3D scanner series, DDV hydraulic pump series, and high-tech custom-order FA system. 
4. The customers can obtain information about causes of malfunctions by trouble shooting from our home page and customers can also repair the problems by themselves.

[Representative's message]
1. We develop, design, manufacture, and sell our original developed products, using 3 core technologies: "optical measurement”, "CNC control" and "machine/electricity integral design". 
2. We cooperate with our in-house sales network, and major trading companies and manufacturers to expand sales of CNC pipe benders, robot pipe benders, 3D scanners, and DDV hydraulic servo pumps.
3. We have already set up a B to B type home page and will support the training of human resources and the expansion of sales domestically and overseas. 
4. We gather NC control equipment from our main factory in Japan and machining parts from South Korea factory to the Thailand factory. We carry out assembly inspections in the Thailand factory and export and sell the products to the Asian region.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
1. Our Sales & Production Department (directly controlled by the president) is responsible for all technical inquiries, proposals, estimations, delivery management, cost control and contracts for new transactions with major and overseas companies at beginning. 
2. Our president will visit the customers along with engineering staff and sales staff if necessary. The nearest business branch or local affiliated company will be responsible for sales when the business relationship become stable. Engineers at the main factory will be responsible for prototyping, tests, and manufacturing. 
3. We will manage and guide the stability and management of unscheduled projects through a comprehensive progress management chart using a quick report contact consultation carried out by the staff in charge and integrated IT for normal transactions.

[Market share/Ranking]
1. CNC pipe bender series: Domestic share; 40%  No.1  overseas share; since there are so many competitors, sales record of each company is unknown. 
2. Robot bender series: Domestic share; 40%  overseas share; 90%  We aim for 100% share in the robot bender system.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Award] CNC Pipe Bender 1977 "Daily Industrial Newspaper Top 10 Japanese New Product Award"/ 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs 2007/ Aichi Brand Enterprise certified in 2007/ WIN Robot Bender 2010 "Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Tokai Branch Technology Award", and many others awards 
[Media] broadcasted in 2003: News Eye " The key to a great leap forward is at our feet" broadcasted in 2012: Powerful companies in Seto" / Japan Industrial Publishing: Introduction to 3D Vision "The Story Behind the Implementation of JIS and ISO to Contactless 3D Measuring Machine and Production Line 3D Camera" / November  2013 Nihon Kogyo Shimbun Shuppan: Maxhine Design "Pip

ISO-9000-2008, MF Eco machine 2009

[Joint research and development]
1. 2000:  Development of Hammering Method Hydro Forming System  Which Achieves Next Generation Product Development (RIKEN) 
2. 2002:  Accumulated Technology of Press Process and Metal Mold Digital Design System Development (RIKEN)

[Factory (domestic)]
Main factory (Aichi Prefecture)

[Other sites]
Gunma Sales Branch, Tokyo Sales Branch, Chubu Sales Branch, Osaka Sales Branch, Kyusyu Sales Branch, MiiC America (U.S), MiiC Germany (Germany), MiiC & Co (Mexico), Opton Thailand (Thaland) 

[Transaction form]
Joint development, sales of manufacturing machineries, consignment sales, etc.

[Transaction terms]
Receipt and inspection at the end of the delivery month, cash payment at the end of the following month, FCA for overseas and other methods by consultation.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toyota Motor Corporation: CNC pipe bender, contactless 3D measuring machine; Nissan Motor Co., Ltd:: CNC pipe vendor,  contactless measuring machine; Hitachi Ltd: CNC pipe bender, contactless measuring machine; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.: contactless measuring machine, CNC pipe bender, and many other delivery records

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
GM: CNC multi bender; FORD: CNC pipe bender; BOEING: CNC pipe bender; Lockheed: CNC multi bender; TI Automotive: robot bender; Contitech, Cooper-Standard Automotive: robot bender, etc. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
June  2013: MF-TOKYO
October  2013: Messe Nagoya 2013
November  2013: FABTECH・America
June  2014: Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (planned)
October  2014: JIMTOF2014 (planned)
November  2014: FABTECH・America (planned)

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