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Specialist in ultra-high precision manufacturing.

In the carbon-free society and the era of EVs, precision grinding technology is indispensable for achieving weight reduction, downsizing, and high-speed rotation of parts.
We want to simplify your outsourcing process reducing the number of suppliers during the manufacturing process. Ohori Grinding Company counts with a list of expert’s partners with many years of experience in every specific stage of the manufacturing process, assuring you that previous manufacturing stages will be treated as a priority in the best hands. Besides, being grinding one of the final stages of production for most parts, we can warranty top-quality in the final outcome of the order, meeting all your needed requirements
We excel in finish grinding of spindles of machining tools and hydraulic parts for aircrafts, as well as test pieces of new materials.  We can handle various types of grinding from φ1㎜ up to φ600㎜.  We have been working on high precision cylindrical grinding,  internal grinding,  and flat grinding, which were thought to be impossible by grinding, and achieved 0.002㎜ to0.003㎜ in accuracy for circularity,  cylindricality,  and perpendicularity.

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Sales Pitch

We are your specialist in ultra-high precision manufacturing team.
We excel in outer diameter (OD) grinding of cylindrical parts. External grinding is especially challenging with long and narrow parts that require very delicate manipulation to prevent bending during the process.

Ohori Grinding company is able to provide a high-tolerance OD grinding both in thin and long objects, where we possess vast experience from all proceeded requests from our customers. Using a brace, straightener, or center-hole grinding machine, we can support a maximum size of up to 2000 mm. We receive many requests for a required accuracy of 0.001 mm – 0.01mm in roundness, concentricity, or cylindricity.

Furthermore, at customer order, we can provide an inspection protocol sheet based on the measurements done from our on-site quality department using the roundness measuring machine.
Internal grinding is also one of our strengths, we are proud of our ID grinding capabilities on objects with an internal diameter as small as 1 mm. To assure our customers the maximum precision while protecting the parts, we have perfectioned our inner grinding abilities using a brace as support. As well as with external diameter grinding, we can achieve a precision concentricity up to 0.002 mm. Although we can offer grinding of objects with a length up to 1500 mm, the length of the whetstone axis will change depending on the internal depth of the part to be ground. At customer order, we can provide an inspection protocol sheet based on the measurements done from our on-site quality department using the roundness measuring machine.
For profile grinding, we have installed the most recent profile and plotter made by Waida Mfg. Co., Ltd. Thanks to the use of a projector and the experience of our experts, we are able to perform grinding even in very small areas where human’s skills are essential, to support groove width from 0.2 mm for external grinding and flat plane grinding.

To achieve top-quality accuracy each product is analyzed by our experts and an intuitive user interface for visualization of analytics is used to design product customization target sheets utilized on the projectors as a reference to assure the highest precision possible.



Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can handle various types of grinding from φ1㎜ up to φ600㎜ in size, in external and internal grinding,  flat grinding,  shape grinding, and jig grinding.  In our measuring room, in which the temperature is controlled 24-7, we have three-dimensional measuring instruments and roundness measurement equipment (φ600㎜x900㎜) to prove accuracy.

[Business description]
We excel in finish grinding of spindles (main shafts) of machining tools and ultra-high precision parts.  We are also skilled at grinding hydraulic parts for aircrafts,  metals, and bearing parts,  as well as test pieces of new materials. We are capable of providing in small quantities and in a variety of products (from 1 piece) including prototyping. 

Grinding processing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are working on cylindrical grinding,  internal grinding , and flat grinding with high precision, which were thought to be impossible by grinding.  We have only achieved the surface roughness about Ra0.6 so far, but as for circularity,  cylindricality,  and perpendicularity, we have accomplished 0.002㎜ to0.003㎜ in accuracy.  For materials other than aluminum , we have achieved 0.001㎜ in grinding run-out and coaxiality of parts, as well as Rzmax 0.4 in surface roughness for sliding parts.  We can provide evidence for our accuracy upon client requests.

[Representative's message]
Our strengths lie in grinding technologies and in-house inspections, and with these, we are developing new materials and carrying out demanding projects and tasks.  We also cooperate with over 500 business partners to deal with full processing.  We are going to proactively participate in exhibitions to explore potential demands for precision grinding processing parts in various industries.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our president deals with new clients and overseas visitors.  Our staff attend meetings and troubleshoot at clients' sites.   Our managing directors are in charge of delivery date and production management, and our senior managing directors quality management.  We have so far no business transaction with an overseas company, but are keen on responding to enquiries by e-mail.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] "Grateful Letter for Quality" from OKUMA Corporation: twice
[Media] TOKAI TELEVISION BROADCASTING CO.  LTD. "Manufacturing Spirit" (2012) / Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.  Ltd. "Jimoke De Iko" (2012) / Gifu chan "Business Future" (2013)

ISO900 certified.
JISQ9100 (aerospace)  certified.
Medical manufacturer certified.

[Joint research and development]
We are a member of the Composite Material Internal Medical Device Technical Research Association (CIRA), and involved in its joint project to develop medical devices and artificial bones using CFRP.

[Factory (domestic)]
Main factory (Gifu Prefecture), The Secondary factory (Gifu Prefecture)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (entrusted processing 2011 up to now)  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (entrusted processing 2012 up to now)  Komatsu NTC Ltd. (entrusted processing 2000 up to now)

[Exhibition History/Information]
EMO 2017 Exhibit
EPHJ 2018 Exhibit
EPHJ 2019 Exhibit
Grindtec2020 Exhibit(March 18~21,2020)

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Chubu Head Office, SMRJ

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