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A contract manufacturer who offers comprehensive services from development to sales of custom-made power units.

We have over 60 years of history since our foundation in 1950.  As a comprehensive power supply device manufacturer, we design, manufacture, and sell custom-made power supply devices including DC power supply devices in an integrated manner.  We excel in custom-made specifications that cannot be satisfied with standard products.  We provide our products in a shape and with functionalities best suited to specific equipment.  We have a transaction record with major corporations and were also certified under the New Partnerships Support Program in 2013.


[Product description] We suggest the use of collaborative control technology, which links the work to high output semiconductor laser oscillators from several hundred W to several kW. Our "weld overlay mold welding machine" is an example of laser equipment. This has an application for the repairing of molds by irradiating the molds with the laser beam. Compared to conventional YAG laser methods, this contributes to greater compactness and weight savings, increase of precision and freedom from maintenance. For semiconductor lasers the output can be selected so as to match the intended application (for example welding, cutting , surface treatment etc.). However, there is a need for unique control technologies which customize output for the particular application, and collaborative operations to meet the demands of the work. Our company provides these control technologies making use of our experience of laser equipment development. [Authorization/Certification] "New Partnership Support Program" (2013). Eco Action 21 environmental management system certified (2006) [Intellectual property] Continuous variable control of LD excitation fiber laser (currently under application) [Major facilities and equipment] Optical power meter, photo detector, oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer function, and others

[Product description] We have designed and manufactured chargers for various batteries for half a century since we started our business with manufacturing of automatic chargers for lead batteries. We have had, in particular, a proven record of manufacturing and selling electrical vehicle batteries for major automobile manufacturers for over 30 years. We provide chargers with the best functions suitable for the latest batteries of the time. We develop hardware and software ourselves, and by combining them, achieve meticulous, safe, and highly efficient charging for each individual battery cell. Our products meet domestic and overseas regulations including the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Laws of Japan. [Authorization/Certification] "New Partnership Support Program" (2013). Eco Action 21 environmental management system certified (2006) [Major facilities and equipment] Stabilized power supply with 6kVA simulation function, digital oscilloscope, digital multi meter with data acquisition function, simplified shield room and others

[Product description] With analog and digital applied technologies as our core technologies, we have expanded our business to the manufacture of dropper power units using power transformers to high-frequency wave switching power units. We design and manufacture various dedicated power units which suit special purposes such as full digital control power units which apply digital technology to analog technology and high output interactive power units which automatically control power running and regeneration. For products in large manufacturing lots it is possible to manufacture them at our partner companies overseas. We offer flexibility in not only maintaining stable quality but also meeting various industrial standards. [Authorization/Certification] Shizuoka prefecture administrative innovation program approved company certification (2011) Eco Action 21 environmental management system certified (2006) [Intellectual property] Voltage conversion equipment (Patent Application Publication NO. H11-356042) [Major facilities and equipment] Digital oscilloscope, DC power unit, electronic load equipment, thermohygrostat, and others

[Product description] We have more than 60 years of experience in power transformers and can handle a wide variety of types, and manufacture a wide variety of products in small quantities. We handle various specifications and applications such as commercial frequency through to high-frequency switching transformers from low voltage output to high voltage output, from small capacity to large capacity, inductors noise filters etc. In addition, in order to meet requests such as quality, price standards, delivery period, and delivery place, combining our production methods from our in-house production line to global production bases we achieve a timely supply of our products. Also we have a product lineup of standard transformers which deliver a low price and almost instantaneous delivery. [Authorization/Certification] Eco Action 21 environmental management system certified (2006) [Major facilities and equipment] 4kVA stabilized power supply, digital multi meter, hot line tester, compression tester, and others