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We develop equipment with the application of electrolysis and are expanding in both domestic and overseas markets. 

Electrolysis is a method of using a direct electric current to drive a chemical reaction.  We manufacture products using electrolysis.  One of our main products, Electro Life,  easily removes scales that attach to cooling towers, a component of freezers or boilers.   The product also prevents efficiency decrease of heat exchangers, and realizes a greater energy saving effect and reduces CO2 emission.  The sales are expanding.  The company has also expanded into other areas with its expertise in electrolysis, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and beverages, with increased new transactions.  The company has received the  Shizuoka prefecture new business prize in 2009, and Shizuoka bank entrepreneur grand prize highest award in 2013. 

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[Company strength]
We are a research and development company which expands into various fields with our main technology using electrolysis.  We manufacture and sell equipment which meets customer needs.

Manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
We developed a scale removal device using the technology of electrolysis as one of our main products.  Electro Life is one of our original products, which employs an electrolysis technology and removes scales attached to circulating cooling water systems such as cooling towers.  It shows greater removal effect than conventional methods such as drug infusion, magnets, or weak electrolyte. This prevents the decrease in efficiency of heat exchangers, and realizes a greater energy saving effect and reduces CO2 emission.

[Representative's message]
The range of applications for electrolysis is very broad. One of our main businesses is a scale removal device for cooling tower water systems. There are 600 thousand cooling towers running domestically and all of those facilities have problems such as decreases in efficiency due to scaling. We have sold 450 units of our device so far, but this is only a small number compared to 600 thousand units. The effect and reliability of our devices are valued highly by our customers.  However, we are still short of sales distributors who can demonstrate this technology well, and thus unable to convey the good points of our products to as many users as we desire.  Looking forward, we regard development of sales channels as very important.  We have exported many electrolysis-related products to overseas, and expect this to continue.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Many of our existing domestic business partners are major companies such as Marubeni Corporation.  Overseas sales often exceed 50% of our gross sales.  We consider that we currently have a good organizational structure.  However,manpower shortage is in fact our issue, therefore we will consider reinforcing our workforce when needs arise.

[Market share/Ranking]
The number of sales of electro life: just over 400 units (over 7 years)

[Awards and media coverage]
[Award] Shizuoka bank entrepreneur grand prize highest award (2013) / Shizuoka prefecture new business prize (2009) 
[Media] Shizuoka newspaper (published on March 2,2013) /  Daily industrial newspaper (April 18, 2012) / Converting total information magazine (May ,2012)

"Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program", NEDO innovation propulsion grant-aided project etc.

[Joint research and development]
NEDO, Shizuoka prefecture, etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Suzuki Motor Group (since 2007), Hitachi Group (since 2008), Hino Motors (since 2009), Toyo Seikan (since 2009), and many other major companies

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Shuidu (China), VITZRO (South Korea), ELECTRO LIFE USA (U.S)

[Exhibition History/Information]
Small Business Management and Technology EXPO 2013 in Kansai / Innovation Japan 2013 / Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013, etc.

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