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We are involved in market development in Asia with our fettling equipment created by Imonoya.

We focus primarily on parts manufacture for manufacturers of heavy machinery and machine tools, and we also manufacture fettling equipment, devices related to waste oil combustion, and more. For fettling, we use grinder devices that are either suspended or installed on the floor, and positioner devices installed for casting work. These reduce operation duties such as deflashing.

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[Company strength]
Since our establishment, our forte has been our integrated production techniques cultivated through casting parts for major manufacturers. We are also skilled in consignment for materials only or manufacture only, as well as finished products and unit production. We make good use of our techniques to realize the development of unique in-house products. These products are also produced through in-house needs and are useful for optimization and labor saving. They are actively introduced by major companies, their business partners, and companies in the same industry.

[Business description]
Our main operations are consistent production from casting through to machining. We can also do can manufacturing, as well as design and assembly. Our main business is manufacture of parts for major machinery manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers, however we also handle manufacture and sales of products developed in-house (fettling equipment, devices related to waste oil combustion, machine tools, large scale shot blasts, etc) through the techniques we have cultivated.

Casting, machining and industrial machinery

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our 'fettling equipment' was created by Imonoya (foundry). It reduces work duties such as deflashing, said to be rough work, and enables fettling work to be carried out safely and efficiently. They are generally divided into grinder devices and positioner devices. Grinder devices have grinding and cutting equipment suspended by a hoist, or sliding grinder equipment attached to the floor with a vertical grindstone. Positioners are fixed for casting work, and allow grinding work to be done easily through free tilting and turning.

[Representative's message]
At present, under the JETRO support project for expansion of overseas distribution routes of small- and medium-sized enterprises, we proceed with development of the market for Japanese-affiliated companies in ASEAN region, especially in Indonesian market.  In 2013 we visited there three times to perform PR activities, and reaction on the site where the labor cost is elevated has increasingly become positive each time.  While strenuously trying to find a first chance, we are looking for a way to entering the market with low-cost as our advantage by exporting only a core unit and providing assembly, installation, after-purchase servicing, etc. according to local specifications, through tie-up with a local company.  In addition, according to the survey of JETRO, since our products are also marketable in German/U.S. market, we plan to develop our business horizontally.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have arranged a system to allow prompt, smooth response to requests, by establishing a person in charge of each customer, whether they are an existing customer or a new customer. Technical discussion and negotiations on price and delivery times will be discussed by the person in charge who will consolidate information gathered from each related department. We are also gathering information and seeking new markets overseas, focusing on Asia.

[Market share/Ranking]
There are very few manufacturers of deflashing equipment for general casting work that weighs more than 30kgs.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Foundry Engineering Society Technology Award (2012 / Fettling Grinder, Super GORI NSV100)  

"Development of Fettling Equipment for General Use", technical article published in the journal of the Japan Foundry Engineering Society, Vol. 85 (2013), Issue #6

ISO 9001 certification acquired (17/6/2009, Hiuchi factory)

[Joint research and development]
Kochi University (heating experiments for plastic greenhouse cultivation using waste oil combustion equipment, 2009)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Casting Materials  and Processing: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (1949 – present), Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (1980 – present), Caterpillar Japan Ltd. (1980 – present), DMG MORI SEIKI Co., Ltd. (2010 – present)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Provision of casting materials: South Korea and Taiwan

[Exhibition History/Information]
JIMTOF 2010 / TECH Biz EXPO 2011 / 15th M-Tech 2012 / 2014 164th Japan Foundry Engineering Society National Lecture Convention in Kyoto in May (planned) and 165th Convention in Kitakyushu in October (planned) / Metal China 2012 / Japan-Taiwan Business Negotiation Meeting 2012/2013 hosted by Ehime Prefecture

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