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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:20:55

NARITA Co., Ltd.

A ceramics and combustion-related products manufacturer with 50% domestic market share for spark plugs/frame sensors

We manufacture and sell various types of ceramics products and combustion-related products including gas burners.  As for ceramics products, we can handle in-house a variety of materials and molding methods.  In particular, we have a wide line up for ceramic pore materials with a high porosity as well as spark plugs/frame rods.  As for combustion-related products, we have various types of burners including surface combustion burners.  We also provide comprehensive support for heat treatment from selling a burner to design and construction work for equipment.


[Product description] Features: Materials with excellent high-temperature insulation and durability such as alumina/mullite porcelain and special heat-resistant steel. [Intellectual property] Structure of Mounting Section of Flame Detection Rod and the like (Patent No.4300284)

[Product description] Features: Excellent high-temperature insulation durability and air-tightness (Air-tight performance: Withstanding 25kPa). We can fabricate the product with your preferred length and diameter of wire rods upon request. Materials for insulators: Alumina, and for wire rods: Kanaru Al

[Product description] Features: Infrared burners: Capable of uniform surface heating by radiation and usable in any direction of your choice; ceramic plates: Capable of being formed in a square or circle, or various other shapes. Low thermal expansion materials are used for ceramic plates. [Market share/Ranking] Domestic share of approximately 50% in the field of Japanese rice cracker baking machines [Intellectual property] Infrared Burner (Patent No.4192257) Gas Burners (Patent No.4085272) Combustion Frame and Infrared Burner (Patent No.3638908) Heating Apparatus Using Infrared Burner (Patent No.3536101) Combustion Plate (Patent No.3015931)

[Product description] Features: Straightening effect, and inclusion removal Material: SiC

[Product description] Features: Straightening effect , and inclusion removal Materials: Alumina alumina/cordierite aluminum titanate