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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:20:52

TRINC Co., Ltd.

We develop electrostatic eliminators for preventing static electricity and foreign material based on our own technologies.

We develop devices for preventing static electricity and foreign material. We solve problems with our unique technologies, such as "No-wind TRINCR" that blows away ions without using air blow or fans, "Static-free Space TRINCR" that neutralizes static electricity of any material to realize an ideal space, and "No-leak TRINCR" that utilizes a unique no-leak structure. We are also preparing for our business expansion for ASEAN by opening a new office in Thailand.


[Product description] The static eliminator (ionizer) creates an environment where no foreign material clings by neutralizing static electricity of a wide work space, of workers, or of dust floating in the atmosphere, without air blow or fan. Because an air blow is not used, dust neither raises nor is blown toward work benches. Thus, our product prevents dust from clinging to work benches again. In addition, it does not need a compressor for supplying air and can contribute to energy-saving. It can make a considerable achievement in place of wrist strap or humidification. It is also known as “Room-less Clean Room,” a clean room without walls.


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