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Latest update: 01/07/2020 11:48:15


Having the strength in the processing technology for difficult-to-machine materials such as plastics/ceramics/heat insulation materials

We are the processing manufacturer of plastics /ceramics/heat insulation materials.
We are renowned for processing of materials with poor workability such as 
-composite materials of glass fibers or carbon fibers and resin (FRP, GFRP, CFRP)
-heat insulation materials/heat resisting materials.
Utilizing machines such as a Machining Center, NC Lathe, Grinder, Gear Cutting Machine, etc., we can produce most of shapes.


[Product description] We are the processing manufacturer of plastics/ceramics/heat insulating materials. We receive a drawing from a customer, and purchase materials by ourselves or receive materials supplied from a customer. Then, using machine tools such as a machining center, NC lathe, etc., we process various plastics/ceramics/insulating materials to manufacture parts for the manufacturing business in general, such as machine parts/electric insulation parts. As a feature, while we deal in plastics/ceramics/heat insulating materials in general, we are good at materials with poor workability, such as FRP, GFRP, CFRP, heat insulating materials, heat resisting materials, ceramics, etc. [Major facilities and equipment] Machining center, NC lathe, lathe, milling cutter, drilling machine, NC drill processing machine, tapping machine, running saw (cutting machine), sawing machine (cutting machine), drying furnace, CAD/CAM

We, YUTAKA CORPORATION process various heat insulation(thermal insulation) boards and heat resistant materials to manufacture machinery parts for the general manufacturing sector such as Heat insulation(thermal insulation) board for plastic injection mould Heat insulation(thermal insulation) board for rubber injection molding machine Heat insulation(thermal insulation) material for furnace Sensor protection heat insulation(thermal insulation) box, etc. In addition, we sell the materials of those heat insulation(thermal insulation) boards and heat resistant materials.

Fine ceramics have different characteristics such as those excellent in heat resistance, those with excellent wear resistance, those excellent in chemical resistance, those with excellent electrical insulating properties, and those with excellent thermal conductivity, therefore, it is important to select the material according to the required characteristics. The features and properties of the major fine ceramics are as follows;


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