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Having the strength in the processing technology for difficult-to-machine materials such as plastics/ceramics/heat insulation materials

We are the processing manufacturer of plastics /ceramics/heat insulation materials.
We are renowned for processing of materials with poor workability such as 
-composite materials of glass fibers or carbon fibers and resin (FRP, GFRP, CFRP)
-heat insulation materials/heat resisting materials.
Utilizing machines such as a Machining Center, NC Lathe, Grinder, Gear Cutting Machine, etc., we can produce most of shapes.

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Sales Pitch

We are an excellent processor of heat-insulating materials, heat-resistant materials, and FRP which have poor processability.
We handle resins, ceramics, and heat-insulation materials in general. We particularly excel at materials with poor processability, including the following.
(1) Glass fiber and composite materials of carbon fibers and resins (FRP, GFRP, and CFRP)
(2)  Heat-insulating materials and heat-resistant materials (hard insulation boards made mainly of glass fiber, cement, mica, etc.)
(3) Ceramics
(4) Carbon
We handle resins, ceramics, and heat-insulation materials in general, so we can supply most of these materials.
We can manufacture most shapes with various machines such as machining centers, NC lathes, polishing machines, and gear cutting machines (including outsourced equipment).

Other presentation

[Company strength]
1. Our product line encompasses a wide range of plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials and we are especially adept at using materials that are difficult to machine including the following;
 A)Composite of glass fiber or carbon fiber and plastics (FRP, GFRP and CFRP).
 B)Heat insulation and heat resistant materials (rigid heat insulation boards that are generally made of glass fiber, cement and mica as the main raw material)
 C)Fine ceramics

2. Since we work with a diverse range of plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials, we are able to supply products using most materials.

3. The production of most shapes is feasible with the use of various machines such as Machining Centers, NC lathes, grinders, and gear cutting machine (including subcontracted facilities).

4. We can arrange production of quantities ranging from 1 to 50,000.

5. Our vast inventory of raw materials dramatically reduces lead times.

6. Our extensive knowledge of various plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials properties brings customers ideal solutions including optimal material selection.

[Business description]
We are experts in manufacturing and supplying plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials products.

Since 1968, our company has been a leader in manufacturing products using plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials.

Our company is committed to being a premier manufacturer of high-quality plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials products.
Based on our customer's designs, we provide custom fabricated parts for the general manufacturing sector including machinery parts and electrical insulation parts.
We use machine tools such as Machining Centers and NC lathes to process a variety of plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials.

Manufacturing business (Machining of plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials)

[Representative's message]
We are not a manufacturing business that simply processes plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials.
We believe that we are in the service industry to satisfy customers by manufacturing processed goods thereof.
To reach our goal to hear our customers say “We can trust YUTAKA CORPORATION”, we are making efforts not only to satisfy them in terms of the quality/cost/delivery period, but also to serve as a consultant on plastics, ceramics and heat insulation materials in consultation for selection of materials, for example.
In the future, we will improve the processing technology for FRP, heat insulating materials, heat resisting materials, etc. and advance into overseas market. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
At present, three sales persons and President respond to a new inquiry, while President is in charge of overseas development.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kobe Shimbun, “Shining People and Materials in Hyogo” (Appeared on October 19, 2010)

[Factory (domestic)]

[Transaction form]
Sales of products/materials, processing of supplied materials, etc.

[Transaction terms]
Depending on discussions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Four- to five-hundred companies all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
There is no major client having a parent company or high sales ratio.
In terms of the industry segments, manufacturing businesses in general, such as electronics, automobiles, machinery, etc.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (2013)

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