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Latest update: 22/02/2017 17:52:43

MARKTEC Corporation

Integrated supplier of Non-Destructive Testingand Marking rapidly expanding into overseas markets

We manufacture and sell non-destructive testing and marking equipment.  We have a wide product lineup and are expanding our business both in Japan and overseas.  Our products include the "ultraviolet flaw detector light E-150" with a wider range of irradiation of ultra high intensity, the "fluorescent magnetic powder liquid of concentrated type LY-Conc series" that has simplified adjustment of magnetic powder liquid, and the "paint jet printer PJ-1B" available in different text sizes and provides clearer prints.


[Product description] Have you ever experienced poor workability and work efficiency because of overly short black light intervals of testing devices? And have you ever run into running cost problems with consumables due to the short light bulb life? The new Super Light E-150 can solve these two problems all at once with its super high-intensity ultraviolet flaw detector light. [Super high-intensity] The ultraviolet intensity is 9000μW/c㎡ that requires no black room. [Wide-range of irradiation] The irradiation range of over 5000μW/c㎡ extends to 1 000mm. [Long life] The lamp has an astounding life of over 3 000 hours. [Authorization/Certification] ISO14001 certification was acquired on July 30 2004 and ISO9001 was certified on December 27 2013. [Intellectual property] US patent number: US PAT. 6.525.315

[Product description] When measuring magnetic particle and dispersant and blending them in water, the work can get messy and dusty, and there is danger of dust and particle inhalation. It is troublesome and pollutes the work environment. Such must have been the case in your workplace. Eco-Magna LY-Conc can solve the problem once and for all. The concentrated type of LY-Conc dissolves in water easily and the magnetic particle liquid is ready for use saving the blending trouble and improving the work environment significantly. Be sure to feel the difference in performance with LY-Conc. [Improvement in work performance] Dissolve in water and anyone can have the magnetic particle liquid easily. [Improvement in work environment] No more kicking up of magnetic particle dust in blending work. [Improvement in costs] No magnetic particle is wasted because the precipitated amount is minimal. [Authorization/Certification] ISO14001(July 30, 2004), ISO9001(December 27, 2013)

[Product description] Ink jet print has flaws: the print can be seen from the back side, smearing decreases the contrast, durability is low , characters are too small to discern, it is susceptible to dust, and takes time in maintenance etc. These flaws are now gone once and for all with PJ-1B. This compact-sized Paint Jet Printer PJ-1B has been developed after lengthy research focusing on print quality since our company's foundation. From large characters to small, we take pride in the printer that can cope with any of our customer’s needs for printing. Try and feel its performance with PJ-1B. [Authorization/Certification] ISO14001 certification was awarded on July 30 , 2004 , and ISO9001was certified on December 27, 2013.