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Latest update: 22/02/2017 17:52:43

MARKTEC Corporation

Integrated supplier of Non-Destructive Testingand Marking rapidly expanding into overseas markets

We manufacture and sell non-destructive testing and marking equipment.  We have a wide product lineup and are expanding our business both in Japan and overseas.  Our products include the "ultraviolet flaw detector light E-150" with a wider range of irradiation of ultra high intensity, the "fluorescent magnetic powder liquid of concentrated type LY-Conc series" that has simplified adjustment of magnetic powder liquid, and the "paint jet printer PJ-1B" available in different text sizes and provides clearer prints.

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[Company strength]
In the non-destructive testing and marking businesses, manufacturers are usually specialized in testing devices, flaw detecting agents, printing and marking equipment, or paints.  However, we develop, design, and manufacture not only devices and equipment but also consumable agents such as those for detecting liquid penetration, magnetic particles, and paints in testing.  We are an all-round manufacturer and therefore able to provide comprehensive experiments and proofs at customers' requests.  We have gained support from a lot of customers for our ability to provide reasonable proposals.

[Business description]
In our non-destructive testing business, we develop, manufacture, and sell equipment and devices for surface inspection-related products.  Our product range includes:  liquid penetration/magnetic particle/excess flow detectors, agents for detecting flaws and leak testing, ultraviolet flaw detector lights, image inspection systems, and cleansing agents etc.  We are handling sales only as for non-destructive testing-related products other than surface inspection items.  In our marking business, we develop, manufacture, and sell paint marking devices, paint stamping systems, and inks.  As for stamping presses and inkjet printers, we handle sales only.

Manufacturer of non-destructive test supplies/equipment, and printing/marking utensils/equipment.

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our ultraviolet flaw detector light E-150 has a wider range of irradiation of ultra high intensity and requires no dark room.  The lamp has a longer life and is acclaimed for its improved workability and cost reduction.  The fluorescent magnetic particle liquid of concentrated type LY-Conc is a product, which is friendly both to living organisms and the environment.  This product, which has simplified blending of magnetic particle liquid, provides improved workability and is highly valued by users.  Our Paint Jet Printer PJ-1B is available in various character sizes and offers clear and highly durable prints.  This resolves many common worries such as overly small and indiscernible text, and low maintainability due to vulnerability against fine particle dust.  Our products are highly valued by many customers for these characteristics.

[Representative's message]
We were founded in 1955, and have engaged in manufacturing and sale of mainly non-destructive testing products and devices as well as marking items and equipment.  In 2010, the company went through MBO.  Since then, we have strengthened management and sales structures and established production bases in our overseas subsidiaries in China, Thailand, and South Korea.  We have been accelerating our overseas expansion, in order to meet needs of our customers, who deal with overseas markets.  We intend to further bolster our overseas subsidiaries and strengthen our distribution agent network.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our overseas sales group within the Sales Department addresses needs in regions that are not covered by our local subsidiaries (areas excluding China, South Korea, and Thailand).  We are also expanding our business in East and Southeast Asia, especially in China, South Korea, and Thailand, utilizing advantages of having local subsidiaries.  

[Market share/Ranking]
Non-destructive testing business (MT PT): 40% domestic and 10% overseas.  Marking business: 60% domestic and 15% overseas.

ISO14001 certification was acquired on July 30 2004 and ISO9001 was certified on December 27 2013.

[Joint research and development]
JR East Japan Railway Company (joint research on excess flow flaw detector for backlash cracks in rail 2006 up to present) and many others.

[Factory (domestic)]
Narita Plant (Chiba Pref.)

[Factory (overseas)]
Shanghai Industrial General Development Zone (China), Gateway City Industrial Complex (Thailand), Tasan District 2 Industrial Complex (Korea)

[Other sites]
Headquarters (Tokyo), Sales bases: East Japan Service Center (Tokyo), West Japan Service Center (Osaka Pref.)

[Transaction form]
OEM contracts, joint developments, contract manufacturing, product sales etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toyota Motor Corporation (Made-to-order manufacturing), Nissan Motor Corporation (MTO manufacturing), Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (MTO manufacturing), JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation (MTO manufacturing), JR East Japan Railway Company (MTO manufacturing), Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. (MTO manufacturing), and many other major companies in automobile steel shipbuilding aircraft plant manufacture etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
TENARIS TAMSA (MTO manufacturing), PT.JATIM TAMAN STEEL MFG. (MTO manufacturing), Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (MTO manufacturing), Hyundai Steel (MTO manufacturing), POSCO (MTO manufacturing).

[Exhibition History/Information]
JIMA General Testing Equipment Exhibition 2013, International Welding Show 2010, ASNT Annual Conference 2013

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