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Durable oil mist filters that are superior in removing oil in the air

We manufacture sheet metal processing products and porous metal products. Our porous metal products, with high porosity and large specific surface area, are versatile in size and pore size, and used for oil mist filters to prevent food oil spillage. Our sheet metal processing division conducts integrated manufacturing, from receipt of orders with construction drawings to assembly.  We have facilities capable of processing product up to 6 m and can produce large-sized products. 

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[Company strength]
Our porous metal division promotes research to improve properties of current applications and to produce products that meet customer requests.  At the same time, we deal with client's requests flexibly and light-footedly, which is an advantage of small and medium sized businesses.  Also, our sheet metal processing division are well motivated to satisfy client needs by handling high-mix low-volume production and other new attempts. 

[Business description]
We manufacture sheet metal processing products by order. We also manufacture and sell porous metal products. Our porous metal product division deals with porous metal with a sponge-like 3-dimensional meshwork structure, which is used mainly for oil mist filter to removes oil from the air.  Our sheet metal processing division has two subdivisions.  The construction division designs and manufactures based on construction drawings, and the machining division manufactures covers used for machine tools and commercial facilities. The sheet metal processing division covers all processes from processing to assembly and shipment.

Manufacturing (Sheet metal processing and porous metal products)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our porous metal products are superior in high porosity and large specific surface area compared to other porous metal.  We can produce porous metal products mainly of nickel and a variety of other metals such as silver, copper, and iron, as well as of alloys of these elements.  We can manufacture in a variety of sizes up to the thickness of 25 mm and the width/length of 500 mm.  We can also handle pore sizes of porous metal approximately from 0.4 mm to 3.4 mm.  Our sheet metal working division has facilities that enables integrated production from order with construction drawings to assembly.  The facilities are also capable of processing products up to 6 m in size and can deal with a large-sized products. 

[Representative's message]
We are confident that, of our porous metal products, grease filters for food service equipment are superior to prevent spillage of cooking oil.  Our oil mist filters protect various facilities from oil mist vapor, and other filters are also durable for long use and are not for one-time use which is highly eco-friendly.  We expect that people will become more co-conscious not only in Japan but overseas in future. We are determined to contribute to society through our porous metal products, and for that purpose, to tap into new markets with vigor.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our engineers in the porous metal division will handle technical consultation or inquiries from major domestic/overseas companies.  They will meet you at your desired site to  discuss technical matters if necessary.  We also conduct projects with external parties such as joint research and patent applications with non-disclosure agreements concluded.  The Director of the porous metal product division are managing these projects.

ISO9001, Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program Accreditation Chubu No. 1307032

[Joint research and development]
Sankyo Tateyama Inc. (Filtering, purification, and algae control for industrial water), Sanki Engineering Co. Ltd. (Humidification of clean room, and testing instruments for automobile exhaust gas)

[Factory (domestic)]
Adachi Kogyo Co., Ltd. Takaoka factory (Toyama prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Trial products developments, OEM contracts, joint developments, processing on consignment, sale of products and materials

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Komatsu NTC Ltd., Sankyo Tateyama Inc., Sanki Engineering Co. Ltd.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Tokyo Business Summit 2006 - 2011 / New Environmental Exposition 2006 / Eco-Products 2009 / Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2005

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