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We have many actual achievements in the production of foamed models for sample and review purposes. 

We conduct designs of press dies for automobiles electric appliances and aircrafts. We also do research and development of modeling and NC data and production of prototypes for samples using digital mock-up technology. Especially, a wide range of industries supports our foamed models for sample and review purposes manufactured with the FM Processor. We are the leading company in “S.S.T Group” in which 41 enterprises including vibrant Monozukuri (manufacturing) SMEs are participating.

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[Company strength]
We have been engaged in design and research & development of press dies for automobiles  electric appliances and aircrafts for 35 years. We are able to illustrate the images in mind on drawings and cast the ideas into shape. Our prototypes, which are made as samples or review models manufactured with the FM Processor using a foaming method, have found support from a wide range of industries. In addition, we are the leading company in the “S.S.T Group” to which 41 enterprises including vibrant Monozukuri (manufacturing) SMEs are participating. We also have a business framework enabling us to promptly address various issues which cannot be tackled by one company.

[Business description]
Our main business is design, research and development of press dies for automobiles and light current appliances. We also do research & development of modeling,  NC data analysis, simulation of shaping surface, as well as manufacturing prototypes for sample and review purposes using digital mock-up technology. We work together with industry, universities, and the government. We cooperate with medical institutions for R&D of medical equipment, conduct joint development of autonomous travelling robots with local universities, and work on planning  development, production, and sales of local characters. We will apply our knowledge and expertise to areas other than press die design  expanding the possibility of monodukuri (product manufacturing). We are administrative innovation plan approval enterprise.

Design of press dies

[Strength of products/technologies]
We conduct entire work for products in complicated 3D shape from process planning to dies and molds designing for each process. Furthermore, we can manufacture a full-scale 3D model, which is identical to the image in mind, using NC machining processor based on 2D and 3D modeling data.

[Representative's message]
We have been doing our business mainly in the area of press metal die designing for automobiles and light current appliances for 35 years.  As time advances, we have found that our manufacturing technologies are required by and of help for the industries that we had considered non-related, such as the medical sector. The S.S.T Group, composed of many vibrant Monozukuri (manufacturing) companies, may even deal with the issues that our company alone cannot address. We continue to improve our technical capabilities to be better prepared to deal with various requests.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Design engineers shall respond to new customers as the contact for inquiries. We will execute a non-disclosure agreement with each of our new customers and provide thorough instructions to maintain confidentiality in-house. Director of the Technology Dept. or engineers whose engineering careers span more than a decade provide technical consultations. The president leads the entire process.

[Market share/Ranking]
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2001 07: Certified by Osaka Prefecture as the business in growth sectors

2004 11: Certified as the company with approved management innovation plan 

2013 02: Permission to manufacture medical equipment obtained

[Joint research and development]
Kansai Medical University (Joint development of 3 D bone models for surgery simulation of joint prosthesis and joint development of bone conduction hearing-aids using high-specification bone conduction elements)  Hirakata Kohsai Hospital (Joint development of spiral splints)  Osaka Institute of Technology (Joint development of autonomous travelling robots)

[Factory (domestic)]
Main Factory (Osaka)

[Other sites]

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