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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:19:44

OSHIN Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Induction Heating (IH) -adaptable earthen pots and cooking appliances using carbon heat generators

Our business areas include kitchen equipment, shoes , and aluminum.  We have the top share in the market of earthenware cooking containers with carbon heat generators.  Our heat-storage lightweight aluminum steak plates are IH-adaptable with  different metals combined with aluminum.  We are currently developing cooking heaters with temperature sensitive magnetic materials.


[Product description] This is a technology to mount carbon heat generators (“Magical processing”) onto pots. A carbon material can be heated efficiency on IH cooking heaters . This technology is adopted for one of our products “Magical Earthen Pot”. The bottom of the pots are polished down to as thin as 1mm , on which a carbon sheet is pasted with heat-resistant adhesives. For use in restaurants, we can adjust the thickness of the heat generator and the bottom of the pot in accordance with heating speed and heat storage quantity, based on the users' cooking methods. We can also handle requests for OEM production and contract processing. [Market share/Ranking] 100 percent market share in IH processing of earthenware with carbon heat generators