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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:19:44

OSHIN Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Induction Heating (IH) -adaptable earthen pots and cooking appliances using carbon heat generators

Our business areas include kitchen equipment, shoes , and aluminum.  We have the top share in the market of earthenware cooking containers with carbon heat generators.  Our heat-storage lightweight aluminum steak plates are IH-adaptable with  different metals combined with aluminum.  We are currently developing cooking heaters with temperature sensitive magnetic materials.

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[Company strength]
Our business areas include  manufacture of IH kitchen appliances, wholesale of work and kitchen shoes (including grippy shoes under our brand), and aluminum materials.  This diversification has reduced negative impact on us from economic changes in one specific industry.  In addition,  we can conduct promotional activities toward a wide range of customers based on our accumulated data shared between departments.

[Business description]
We have unique technologies to process earth ware including pots and cooking utensils made of non-ferrous metals,  which cannot be used with IH cooking heaters in order  to make them adaptable to IH cooking  appliances.  We have the top share in the market of earthenware cooking containers with carbon heat generators.  We have developed  patented IH steak plates with a steak restaurant chain, which are now sold to restaurants overseas.  We are also developing various other products  including IH pasta plates and IH lava cooking plates for barbecue restaurants, in response to diverse and new customer needs.

Manufacturer (wholesaler)

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have unique technologies to conduct processing of earthenware to make it adaptable to IH cooking.  We also have an experience of developing heat-storage lightweight aluminum steak plates combined with other metals such as iron,  which can be used with IH cooking heaters. We can also handle orders for customized earthen pots depending on the number of lots  with our partner pottery.  We develop products based on requests from our customers including Japanese pubs and restaurants, which allows us to respond to latest needs.  A cooking heater with temperature sensitive magnetic materials,  which is currently under development , will be accepted in a wider range of markets.

[Representative's message]
Our products are widely accepted overseas as the Japanese food culture has increased its presence in the world and Japanese food service companies are expanding their business.  We are confident that our high-performing products  that excel in heat storage,  such as the IH earthen pots and pasta plates , will contribute to companies and households both in Japan and overseas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have staff members who have intensive experience and knowledge in the cooking and food processing sectors.  They understand the technical requirements and specifications of our clients (particularly large firms), organize in-house teams, and respond to clients with technical proposals.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the top share in the market of IH-adaptable earthen pots with carbon heat generators.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Only One Product in Higashi-Osaka brands/the Good Design Award in 2010/The World’s Best Exhibition (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) 
[Media] New Luzon’s Pot, a TV Program by NHK (Kansai) in December 2013 "Survive with the “We will manage” sprit --- a small factory’s challenge in Higashi-Osaka" 

[Joint research and development]
A member of the selection board for the Safety Goods Standard Conforming Products/Business with Osaka Prefecture University at “Osaka Prefecture’s Collaboration-Facilitating Program to Create New Projects”

[Transaction form]
Development of prototypes , OEM agreements , joint development,  commissioned processing, and sale of products and materials 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Household rice cookers (only at a research stage)/Large-scale rice cookers (under development)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Export of products associated with overseas expansion of Japanese food service businesses,  and provision of product samples to overseas food service companies

[Exhibition History/Information]
Inter-Food Japan 2013/Maison & Objet (Products only)/Inter-Food Japan 2014 (future)

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ

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