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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:19:30


Precision masks (make-up) manufacturer with track records in semiconductor, construction, and auto industries

We manufacture a variety of precision masks.  We are also engaged in ceramic development, in addition to development and manufacturing of metal masks for the semiconductor industry, and screen masks for the construction and automobile industries.  We are expanding overseas, and have established plants in Indiana (the United States), Beijing (China), and Chennai (India).


[Product description] This technology creates make-ups for screen printing without film. There is no cost/time necessary to create films. LED lamps draw on photosensitive resin so a better image will be produced than when ink-jet printing. There is no impact from measurement precision to film and no need for vacuum ? which results in stable output. The maximum size is 2700×1800mm. This technology will contribute to cost reduction and improve quality. [Market share/Ranking] New product without precedent [Authorization/Certification] EcoAction 21 approved

[Product description] This technology handles sizes up to 4500×2300mm. We have a clean room and are able to provide high-quality products even when they are large in size. 3-dimensional data can be produced if we are provided with maps. Maximum image size for films is 2000×1270mm ? single output is possible for 9000dpi 6000dpi and 3000dpi contributing to high resolution.

[Product description] This is a laser metal mask processed and punched using a high precision laser processing device. Compared to other methods, it excels in thickness precision, pitch precision, and durability. It can handle thin plates as well and we have experienced mass production of t0.02㎜, and development production of t0.01㎜. We also develop masks for normal surface mounting as well as for substrate and soldering bumps such as for WL-CSP. Our solder ball mounted mask is highly regarded and used by large enterprises. [Authorization/Certification] EcoAction 21 approved [Intellectual property] Patent #4190021 [Major facilities and equipment] 2 fiber laser processors, 1 YAG rod laser processor, 2 AOI outer testing devices, 3 three-dimensional measurement devices

[Product description] We are focusing on “research/development of shaping technology for compound conductive oxygen filtering substance” this year as part of our functional ceramics research and development. This initiative was selected as the project supported by the New Aichi Creation Research/Development Grant for 2013. We are also focusing on our research on oxygen separation in tube shapes ? especially tammann tubes. We are collaborating with local research institutions and relevant enterprises, and are able to provide samples at the start of research. We are aiming to develop the next generation fuel/battery (SOFC) in the near future.

[Product description] We are able to process foil thin plates made of titan and tungsten in addition to metal masks, using our laser processing technique nurtured through manufacturing of metal masks for semiconductor industries. We can deal with various projects including filtering, rectifier for gas/liquid, and medical equipment parts. We are especially experienced in processing foil under t0.1mm. We can also handle various types of secondary processing with our small-diameter processing.