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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:19:27


The productization of  high-intensity LED lightings that have a high color rendering , low power consumption and long life time.

 We are involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling LED lighting. Our Lightning J series high-intensity LED lighting can freely controll light wavelengths and color temperatures. Compared to HID lamps (mercury lamps, etc.), feature of these LED lighting are low power consumption , longer life time (60,000 hours), and high color rendering (Ra75 to Ra90). In 2012, our business was certified as a new industry cultivation project by the Japan Finance Corporation. We have also received awards from the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and from economic groups.


[Product description] Artificial solar LED evaluator system consists of 80W LED lighting and controller. Luminescent color can be altered by the output adjustment volume set up for each of the 8 light wavelength, and an appropriate light wavelength and strength can be designated according to subjects. If set at the same spectrum as sunlight, an average rendering index of Ra95 can be achieved.

[Product description] We have 600W LED fishing light for shipboad (Equivalent to 3000W halogen lamp) and 1000W underwater LED fishing light (Equivalent to 4000W halogen lamp). They were developed with Kagoshima University Faculty of Fisheries and Kyushu Sangyo University with support from Japan Science and Technology Agency. As a result of tests for a year, amount caught was equal to or over by using halogen lamps, saved about 80% of power consumption, reduced fuel cost by 58%, circulation reduced, count of power generator reduced (from 2 to 1).

[Product description] “Lightning J” series is an LED lighting that has large integlated single planar LED light-emitting source, consisting of products 80W-800W. It resolves common conventional LED issues “no light reached” ,“not enough light”, “uneven light” to distribute even and wide light afar. We produce everything from LED light-emitting source to completed product, so light wavelength, color temperature and color rendering (Ra75~90) can be selected, and it is power saving and long lives, economical and safer to the environment compared to HID lamp (mercury lamp etc). [Authorization/Certification] June 2012 Japan Finance Corporation “New Industry Support” approved