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The productization of  high-intensity LED lightings that have a high color rendering , low power consumption and long life time.

 We are involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling LED lighting. Our Lightning J series high-intensity LED lighting can freely controll light wavelengths and color temperatures. Compared to HID lamps (mercury lamps, etc.), feature of these LED lighting are low power consumption , longer life time (60,000 hours), and high color rendering (Ra75 to Ra90). In 2012, our business was certified as a new industry cultivation project by the Japan Finance Corporation. We have also received awards from the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and from economic groups.

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[Company strength]
 We can provide the high-intensity LED lighting products that have LED sources using our independently developed large integrated single planar light-emitting  method. By incorporating the production processes of LED device manufacturers, we have established an integrated production system from LED light sources (modules) to compleated products. We have also developed the best mixture of phosphor and sealing conditions. We now have an advantage of manufacturing products with the ability to freely control the optical wavelength, color temperature, and average color-rendering index.

[Business description]
  We have done the LED lighting business (development / design, manufacturing, sales), consigned development/design business, consigned production business.  For LED lighting, we develop / design, manufacture and sell a high intensity LED lighting. “Lightning J” series 80W-800W that possess large integrated single planar LED light-emitting source, color LED lighting, LED fishing light, sunlight controlling LED products.

Manufacturing of electronic equipment

[Strength of products/technologies]
  Using our unique heat-off technology (highly efficient heat diffusion and exhaustion structure), we have successfully developed large integrated single planar light-emitting  LEDs in which light sources are concentrated at a single point. Previous issues such as "no light is reached","light does not spread","light is not even" were solved. By solving these problems, uniform light now extends widely and has a  sufficient reach. Compared to HID lamps (mercury lamps, etc.), our lamp feature of these LED lighting are low power, longer life time (60,000 hours), and the world’s highest-level color rendering (Ra75 to Ra90).

[Representative's message]
 We have operated as a support group for development of electronic manufacturers.  In 2009, we have put our long-accumulated knowledge of technology into action to start an large LED lighting business and have started selling from June 2011, when we had our LED output of 80W-480W products completed.  Our  large integrated single planar LED light-emitting source method has become known and sales are increasing yearly.  We will continue to challenge technical development while maintain a stable production to produce high performing and high quality products to domestic and international markets.Through the LED lighting, so we will continue to provide products that benefit society. By viewing the home page, be able to ordering, thank you.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
  Inquiries from large / foreign enterprises will be addressed by our business promotion/management team.  Technical questions will be answered by our technical team and will visit client sites as required.  Our CEO will lead management and we will address our clients faithfully.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Commendations] “5th Monodukuri Japan Awards Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Award” (2013)/9th Kagoshima Industrial Technology Award” (2012) [Media] Kumamoto TKU News (Feb 2012)/Minami Nihon Shinbun (Dec 2013)/Denpa Shinbun (Sept 2012)/Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Dec 2012)/Yomiuri Shinbun (June 2012)

June 2012 Japan Finance Corporation “New Industry Support” approved

[Joint research and development]
  Joined development with Kagoshima University and Kyushu Sangyo University for “the development of luminous fish-controlling LED lighting that has low impact on the environment” by consignment from JST’s “Research Result Business Research Support Program” (2010-2013)

[Factory (domestic)]
Kagoshima Plant (Kagoshima prefecture)

[Other sites]
Headquarters (Kagoshima prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Product LED lighting sales, OEM of LED light-emitting sources (modules), collaborative development, consigned development, consigned production

[Transaction terms]
According to our conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Consigned production business with NEC, FDK, Tama Electric, NEOMAX, etc.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Sangyo Koryu Event Oct 2013/Monodukuri Fair Nov 2013/Hong Kong “Eco Expo Asia” Oct 2013/”Lighting Japan 2014/4th LED/organic EL lighting fair” Jan 2014

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