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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:06


Expert group specializing in the creation of foamed plastic with a view to overseas expansion

We are engaged in the creation of foamed plastic. We possess abundant knowledge of cushioning and sound insulation/vibration-proof materials made of urethane foam. Through joint research with universities and public organizations, we have developed hybrid motion-resistant springs which combine vibration-proof springs and low-resistance urethane foam. We have also independently developed “cushions for electric piano keyboards (highly-functional)” with a soundproofing function, which have been adopted by leading musical instrument makers. In addition, we are developing new products and technologies, with a view to business overseas expansion in the near future.


[Product description] Acoustic absorbents such as urethane foam and felt which damp acoustic energy within cells of foam to reduce sound volume; acoustic insulators such as high specific gravity rubber/resin sheets which block out and insulate sounds; and vibration dampers such as damping rubber which stop vibrations and dampen sounds. We can design insulation against any sound by combining these materials. We provide these soundproofing materials shaped into various forms depending on the intended use. [Market share/Ranking] 40% share in Shizuoka Prefecture for soundproof covers for air conditioners [Authorization/Certification] Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 (Jan 2001) [Major facilities and equipment] High-speed automatic cutter, oil pressure cutter, urethane foam slicer

[Product description] These are inelastic springs utilizing the viscosity of low-resistance urethane materials. We have improved their vibration isolating performance at low frequency (20-30Hz) by wrapping the metallic springs with low-resistance urethane. We can design and manufacture vibration-proof materials which can handle a wide range of loads from light to heavy loads by altering the wire diameters of the springs. They have simpler structures than conventional dampers which utilize gas or oil, and thus achieve greater cost reduction. [Market share/Ranking] Under development [Major facilities and equipment] Urethane foam formation device

[Product description] This floating key holder is for original and novelty goods. The core is made of environmentally friendly olefin-resin flam, so it floats on water and has a smooth texture. This key holder comes in two types: oval and surfboard-shaped. This key holder can be adapted to the customer's taste by changing the thickness, width, and length or by using a favorite shape or print. This key holder has a ball chain. We deliver our key holders in an oriented polypropylene (OPP) bag made of a polypropylene-extended transparent film.

[Product description] Our industrial mats are made of CR rubber sponge material, which is lightweight and tough. Appropriate cushioning eases the burden on the waist and knees of each worker. They also insulate heat and prevent cold air from the floor even in winter, which improves the working environment and efficiency. CR rubber sponge material is manufactured by blending an organic foaming agent and other raw materials into synthetic or special rubber and thermally decomposing the mixture. Our factory work mats are environmentally friendly because they are made of recyclable materials.

[Product description] Our company manufactures various kinds of sponge packaging materials for watches, jewelry, accessories, stationery, sundries, and Japanese candles, as well as for moving and business uses. We create triangular and square packaging materials in addition to simple forms, as well as special forms for glasses, candles, and light bulbs. Our sponge materials vary widely from ordinary urethane foam to low-repulsion urethane foam with great shock absorption. We also offer 15-times foaming polyurethane foam with excellent holding power and durability, and 30-times foaming polyurethane foam. Small-lot orders are accepted.