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Production of construction machinery parts with bodywork and painting done by welding robots and 3D measuring instruments.

We provide integrated production, including printed circuit boards, control equipment, switchboards, bodywork and painting. For printed circuit boards we provide a wide range of circuit board production, including testing and manufacture of electronic circuit designs featuring small lots and low costs. With bodywork and painting we have introduced welding robots and 3D measuring instruments for structure design. In April 2013 we opened a factory in China, which handles manufacture of construction machinery parts.

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Sales Pitch

We offer electrical equipment manufacturing, sheet metal painting, and machine processing
Electric equipment manufacturing
We make use of technical capabilities we have acquired in manufacturing electrical equipment for the heavy electric, railway, and industrial equipment markets. We cover the entire process from designing hardware such as electrical and electronic circuits (including substrate patterns) and structures that satisfy customer requirements, designing software such as C and PLC Ladder, material procurement, assembly, wiring, testing, inspection, and assessment. We can also offer a wide range of manufacturing including prototyping and mass production.
We have acquired JIS Q 9100 certification to deliver products with safe and reliable quality.
Sheet metal painting
Our company has an efficient integrated production system covering from structure design to production with laser turret punch presses, various brakes, and welding robots as well as an inspection system with 3D measuring instruments. We have two painting lines: a powder painting line and a cation electrodeposition coating line. We offer manufacturing services that satisfy both the quality and environmental requirements of our customers. Our company has a plant in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China so we can deliver quality products to Asia and other countries around the world.
Machine processing
We are able to manufacture products of any size, any quantity, and any type. We solve your problems including extremely small production amounts and complicated processes. We are ready to respond to your requests for any fields and markets. Please feel free to contact us.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
For many years we have been involved in important industrial operations, including upstream design, system design, production design and inspection work for major construction machinery manufacturers and general electrical manufacturers. The skills and knowledge we have cultivated through this development and manufacturing is highly valued by many companies, and we continued to be consigned with the manufacture of many products. We also strive to further refine the skills and knowledge we already possess, and become a "manufacturing company useful to you (individuals/businesses/society" that can survive in the 21st century.

[Business description]
We provide integrated production from design through to provision of materials, assembly, in-house testing, and testing for customers, all to meet the varied needs of our customers, including parts for construction machinery (press/bodywork/painting), equipment for control panels, switchboards and regulators, and manufacturing of machine parts.

Electrical machinery  equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) Printed circuit boards: we provide a wide range of circuit board production, including testing and manufacture of electronic circuit designs featuring high quality, short delivery times, small lots and low costs.
(2) Control equipment and switchboards: we provide integrated production, ranging from system design, electric circuit/structure design to provision of parts/housing production, assembly, wiring, and testing.
(3) Bodywork & painting: from structure design (2D/3D) to in-house design painting/introduction of welding robot production facilities and 3D measuring instruments, we can quickly respond to new equipment (sheet metal products: t1.2-t20.0 pressed products: t1.2-t3.2)

[Representative's message]
Japan's manufacturing capability seems to be decreasing, due to the collapse of the nuclear safety myth, the transfer of manufacture to foreign countries, and slump in domestic demand. As a key manufacturer, our company contributes to the creation of a comfortable society through manufacturing, and is a company that loves and enjoys manufacturing. And as a company that is valued by its customers, we are aiming for the manufacturing industry to win against global competition.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
In April 2013 we started production in China so that we could get involved in overseas expansion. This factory currently produces construction machinery parts primarily focused on bodywork and painting, but in future we are planning to expand operation to match our factory in Japan. We continue to expand our business based on the ideals of made-in-Japan quality, global costs, and quick responses.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Excellent Technology from Kobe 

ISO9001 certification acquired
ISO14001 certification acquired

[Joint research and development]
Osaka Electro-Communication University:  “Functional improvement of thermal storage air conditioning systems via installation of latent heat storage materials in thermal storage water tanks, and verification of these results"

[Factory (domestic)]
Head Office and Unit Plant (Hyogo Prefecture), Sheet Metal Plant (Hyogo Prefecture), and Distribution Center (Hyogo Prefecture)

[Factory (overseas)]
Hanshinkiki-Xuzhou China(Jiangsu Province)

[Transaction form]
We accept a variety of styles, including design and development, trial manufacture and mass production, testing and inspection, parts provision and manufacture, and mold design and manufacture. We can accept requests ranging from partial contracts through to integrated production.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Electrical equipment and machined components: Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kobe Steel, etc. Construction machinery parts: Caterpillar, Caterpillar Japan

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Direct dealings with Caterpillar factories in the USA, France, China, Indonesia and Brazil (full scale dealings since 2005)

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten 2011 in Osaka and Tokyo

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