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Latest update: 12/02/2021 14:25:57


A front-line company of electron beam/laser welding also involved in spacecraft manufacturing

Specialized in electron beam welding since its establishment, the company now conducts consigned processing work with the use of electron beam/laser. We are engaged in precision machining in a variety of industries, ranging from Spacecraft “Hayabusa 2”, space stations/rockets, jumbo passenger aircrafts, high-performance racing engines to items for automobiles, mobile devices and medical equipment.


【Product Description】 Since it irradiates the power of ultra-high peak compressed in an extremely short time, non-thermal processing (ablation processing) that cuts and removes molecular bonds is possible. · Nanosecond lasers ... Byproducts in the processing process such as melting and evaporation will remain as burrs around the hole. · Ultra-short pulse laser ... It cuts and removes molecular bonds without thermal diffusion to the surrounding parts, so there is no burr / heat effect around the hole. → If it is an ultrashort pulse laser, fine processing can be performed with even higher quality and high precision processing!

[Product description] Since electron beam welding is characterized by smaller heat input and smaller deformation amount than other welding methods, it has the advantage of shortening the manufacturing process if incorporated in the end of the process. This method makes the finishing processing after welding unnecessary in some cases, thus offering cost advantages. Also, it is capable of bonding dissimilar metals. It can thus help avoid tissue changes due to heating of the base material compared to brazed bonding, thereby preventing the welded part from becoming dull or losing its strength. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100 [Intellectual property] Welding method of stainless steel with Nickel-cobalt alloy and valve body attached with diaphragm. (JP4360461) [Major facilities and equipment] 6kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 30kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 15kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 42kW-60kV low-voltage machines, and 6kW-60kV low-voltage machines

〔Product Description〕 Since welding is performed with a laser that is focused with high output, it is possible to weld highly reflective materials, which was not good with lasers. The dedicated optical head makes it possible to weld many points at once. In addition, since welding is performed in the atmosphere, the degree of freedom of jigs and tools is wide, and it is easy to install them on robots and even deploy them on automatic machines. [Certification / Authorization] JIS Q 9100 [Major facilities / equipment] YLS-6000 / 4000-S2T-AMB

[Product description] [Features of laser] Since the laser has the fiber core of φ0.4mm and a short wavelength of 4kW / 910+940+980+1030nm, it is easily absorbed by brazing wires. [Features of processing head] The wire tip that touches the welded part can be used as a position sensor, which makes tracing of the welded part possible; the processing head can move flexibly in both vertical and horizontal directions in relation to the curved areas of the welded part; and it can follow the moving speed of robots, thus making stable brazing possible even at a high speed. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100、ISO9001 [Major facilities and equipment] Laser oscillator Laserline LDF400-4000; processing head HIGHYAG Laser Processing Head PDT; and Yaskawa Electric Robot MOTOMAN-UP50N

[Product description] 1. Non-contact cleaning: Cleaning using a laser beam does not require mechanical contact and therefore causes no damage to the base. 2. Environmental consideration: Waste liquid treatment is unnecessary because no chemical liquids or blasting materials are used. 3. High-speed cleaning: From the galvano scanning head, a maximum oscillation width of 50 mm is cleaned at once. 4. Cost performance: The running cost is almost entirely limited to the electricity charges, and the environmental conservation cost is low. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100、ISO9001 [Major facilities and equipment] Laser mold cleaning machine and eraser fiber