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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:08


Support plating company

We excel in plating for minute and fine parts. We manufacture a variety of plated products such as electronic and mechanical parts as well as semiconductors. We can provide a wide range of plating materials such as plating of minute chips in the electronics field, and electroless plating of semiconductor wafers in the semiconductor field. We also offer plating of difficult-to-process material including titanium and high carbon steel in the machinery field.

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Sales Pitch

We specialize in fine and micro plating. Our plating technology is widely used in many industries.
Our technology can plate the surfaces of various powder materials (conductive, insulating, etc.) at a size of several microns.
We can make plating proposals mainly for electronic parts, semiconductors, and medical equipment.
Our water-repellent coating technology can be applied to sliding and demolded parts.

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Hokuriku Head Office, SMRJ