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We manufacture a wide range of gels by making the most of the molecular structures of urethane resins.

We specialize in developing products making use of the molecular structures of various urethane materials. Our specialty includes developing products that apply super-soft urethane resin. These include our super-soft urethane gel for shock absorption and our autohesion gel as a preventive measure against overturning due to earthquakes. We also develop unique products including special coating materials and hard urethane resin.


[Product description] This is a new injection molding method using raw liquid. Liquid injection requires only low pressure, which significantly reduces equipment cost, die manufacturing cost, and work space. You can make original products by making the resin soft and/or adding more functionality.

[Product description] This is a versatile resin that responds to heat (60°C or higher) and becomes clay, which can be changed to any form. It turns back to plastic when it is cold. This process can be repeated, which makes this an environmentally friendly product. It is very soft for plastic, so it does not damage other plastic parts.

[Product description] This is a super-low-hardness quasi-gel material. It has a softness that had not been achieved with conventional gel or elastomer, and it is also durable. Its shock absorbency is over 90%, and its vibration absorbency is twice that of regular rubber.

[Product description] This is an autohesion polyurethane gel that can be repeatedly used without leaving a sticky residue. It is especially effective for use as fixture to hold furniture and machines or earthquake collapse prevention devices. Additives such as plasticizers are not used, so other materials stay unaffected.

[Product description] This is a resin that is extremely close to the feeling human skin, for a polyurethane gel that is extremely close to the feeling of human skin. The absence of a plasticizer stops oil from oozing out. It has high adhesive properties and can endure tensile strength over 700%. The materials are so safe that anyone can safely make a Pudding Gel.


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