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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:18:09


Developed a device based on the application of picosecond leveled super-high speed time measurement of the ultra weak emission light measurement.

We are a designing, manufacturing, and sales company of optical devices. We also have the knowledge to use a photomultiplier which is difficult to use for the ultra weak emission light measurement. In addition, we are considered as the only domestic manufacturer of the high resolution optical fiber testing device based on the technology of the ultra weak emission light measurement and the picosecond level of super-high speed time measurement.


[Product description] OTDR is an optical measurement device to measure defective position by passing light pulse into optical fiber (such as external defect and transmission loss). Our OTDR can measure various defective positions in optical fiber with higher resolution by adopting photon counting method. We manufacture various types of OTDR compatible with plastic fiber and large diameter fiber for various applications.

[Product description] It is a shielding box with complete shielding capability to block ambient light for creating a complete light-shielding space within a black box. It supports optical measurement and manufacturing in a wide range of fields such as experiments using physics, biology, and photomultipliers. We perform inspection at photon-counting level before shipping it with the data. We manufacture dark boxes with shapes of mechanism corresponding to various setting environments such as door type, upper opening type, and optical surface plate type. Customized manufacturing including resizing is available.