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In the processing of insulation materials, the processing the thickness from1 mm to 0.2 mm is possible for a foaming sheet

Unfolding a processing and sales business related to plastics such as a sheet. Particularly, we have a special feature in the processing of insulation material up to 0.2 mm of thickness. In addition, we makes efforts in the new development such as a highly transparent organic conductive film with low resistance and a cushion winding core of a highly functional film, reducing step trace malfunction.

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[Company strength]
In reaching the establishment 60th anniversary soon, our company performs the management based on the hometown, with receiving a patronage and the trust of the customer. The processing of the insulation material; "TORAYPEF" is characteristic in processing of plastic. The sheet before processing, is a roll-shaped foaming sheet clogged up with air bubbles, and the processing is carried out at one stop including a slice, a slit, a fusion bond and a corona discharge treatment. On the other hand, our company makes efforts in new development including a highly transparent, organic conductive film with low resistance, and a cushion winding core of highly functional film, reducing a step trace malfunction.

[Business description]
Our company deals in a processing and sales related to a plastic, specially a sheet, including mainly the processing of a insulation material, buffer material; TORAYPEF, and a processing and sale of a slit of film, and wholesale of a plastic plate. In addition, as our company's original product, a cushion winding core of film, reducing step trace malfunction; "Pla Maxim ®", and a transparent conductive film; "NCF", a traffic safety material; "TOBIDASHI NINGYO". 

Processing business of plastic

[Strength of products/technologies]
A slicing is characteristic in processing of a foaming sheet. The original sheet with thickness of 1 mm was sliced into two sheets with thickness of 0.5 mm, by dividing it in the middle. In our company, we carry out the roll-to-roll process for a sheet, although the sheet is usually obtained by slicing an original block-formed cushion material as peeling a skin. In addition, it is extended to minimum thickness of 0.2 mm in our process. For organic conductive film, we developed a coating resin by ourselves, and it has the feature that it is easy for processing because of the neutrality in pH, and is highly transparent and with low resistance of 150 Ω, and is strong against bending. We expect its unfolding of this product in the field of printable electronics.

[Representative's message]
We perform a business activity with basic policies based on the practise of the mind of the merchant from Omi, that is, "goodness in three directions" meaning that a commerce should not only benefit the buyer and the seller but also society as a whole. Through the contract processing and the sales of our original products, we want to contribute not only to the benefit of customers, but also to the society in terms of a environmental protection, a regional activation and a conservation of biodiversity etc., while we have poor ability. And we will work eagerly on  the collaboration with new customers in domestic and foreign region. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The relevant sales division will correspond  
to the inquiry from the major company, in every time. For the inquiry from overseas companies, the sales division summarize them and visit in every time for a meeting and correspond seriously. At moment, we do not establish the production base, but want to correspond depending on demand flexibly.

[Market share/Ranking]
100 % of domestic market share in a middle processing of foaming sheet; "TORAYPEF", 100 % of domestic market share in plastic cushion core.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Commendation results] ADY, Advanced Display of the Year, Excellent Advanced Display of the Year, Excellent Prize in 2008, Shiga CSR Award in 2009, KANSAI Monodzukuri Genki Kigyo100 Sya in 2010, Kinki district Invention Commendation in 2010, Shiga Low Carbon Leader Prize in 2011, [Media coverage]  Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on January 8/January 19/May 19 in 2009, and on April 18 in 2011, May 7 in 2013. Nihon Keizai Shimbun, on July 29 in 2019, on January 5/on June 18 in 2011,  NHK "Ohayou Kansai" broadcasted in Oct. 6 in 2009,  Monthly journal; Convertech ( issued in June 2013) / A lots of the articles in other technical journals.

Acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, Authorized as Shiga Prefecture "Mekiki A company.

[Factory (domestic)]
Kokubu plant (Shiga Prefecture), Oishi plant (Shiga Prefecture ), Konan plant (Shiga Prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Processing on consignment, sales of product and material 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Contract processing for Toray in 1954-present, processing for Toray Engineering in1960-present, manufacture for Nichiban in 1980-present, contract processing for Japan Power Fastening Co.,Ltd. in 2000-present, manufacture for Oike Co.,Ltd. in 2010-present, many others.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Fine Tech Japan in 2006-2010, FilmTech Japan 2010-2013, 2014 (planning), FPD International in 2009

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