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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:17:38


We are developing businesses focused on individually designed devices for testing and research  as well as ultra -high -pressure processing units.

We have built up experience developing a variety of devices, using our technological prowess, databases, networking ability, and comprehensive integrated business supervision. Among these, we use our proprietary testing and research devices and ultra-high-pressure processing units as an axis for experimental research and for carrying out consigned development projects. In addition, we are registered with the Alibaba online marketplace, and we are beginning to advance into foreign markets.


[Product description] This supercritical device can be used for petrochemical, new energy, food science, atomic energy industry, methanol synthesis, synthetic fibers, iron and steel, and paper manufacturing, as well as with various kinds of solvents, so it covers a lot of ground in turns of potential fields. These device require specification suited to their intended use, as well as a high level of quality and precision. Many of the products we make in this category are the only ones in the world, and the knowledge we've accumulated from making them is also unique, and has formed the foundation this company's high-level technological ability. We will take full responsibility for manufacturing a device that fits your needs from the design stages to completed production. [Authorization/Certification] 2nd Monodzukuri Nihon Taisho “Excellence Award” [Major facilities and equipment] Experimental device for circulation of supercritical CO2, windowed pressure vessel, magnetic induction stirring system, high temperature high pressure autoclave

[Product description] “Total Extract” is a device that simply applies a hydrostatic pressure of 100 MPa to raw materials. A 100 MPa environment is quite different from normal, and lots of different things happen. 100 MPa is the same pressure as at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which is said to be the deepest part of the ocean. For example, some things that happen are “suppression of bacterial activity,” “acceleration of saturation effects,” and “acceleration of aging,” among others. There are many other confirmed phenomena that we couldn't introduce here. [Authorization/Certification] Shin Renkei Kigyo Certification (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) / 3rd Jump Start NIPPON Award: Business Group (Grand Prize) / 4th Monodzukuri Nihon Daisho “Superior Award” / and many others. [Intellectual property] Hiroshima prefectural patent “seasoning manufacturing method (Patent 4947630)” available [Major facilities and equipment] 100MPa/0.3L,0.5L,2L,10L,50L,300L400MPa/150cc600MPa/5L