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Delivering improved results through heat treatment processes of iron and steel materials  with a special focus on large-scale products

We have a rapid cooling process required to eliminate flawed structures in heat treatment, and also large-scale furnaces and refrigeration chambers to meet customer needs for quality.  This technology is fully used in our lines whose deliverables are to be shipped out to overseas clients,  and we receive a large number of orders from domestic as well as overseas clients. 

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[Company strength]
Development and maintenance of optimum characteristics of steel  require proper management of chemical composition  and heat treatment status during treatment processes.  Alloys used in steel product manufacturing bear a variety of properties and strength  levels depending on the heat treatment being used.  We are capable of adding characteristic values and strictly observing standards in manufacturing.  We have advantageous and excellent process capabilities in processing of large-scale products and thick materials.  

[Business description]
We carry out heat treating and processing of iron and steel products with our innovative heat treatment technology  with which we identify (or create) micro-organization qualities best suited to customer needs .  We excel in plant-related units, in particular those suitable for heat treatments to remove stress damage from welding structures.  We also handle environment resistant (weather resistant)  solution treatments  and sensitization.  We devote ourselves to continuous improvement of our technology and product quality.

Metal heat treatment industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Buildings have become larger and taller, which has generated potential needs for heat treatment of large sized structures.  We have large-scale furnaces to meet customers' quality requirements.

We also have large refrigeration chambers, which are required in rapid cooling processes that are to eliminate flawed structures in heat treatment (solution heat treatment). 

[Representative's message]
We have introduced a number of large-scale facilities that do not seem to be used in Japan.  We had tough times after the collapse of Lehman Brothers,  but the situation changed in our favor at 1/3 of this quarter, with orders from several major Japanese companies .  We received a superior quality factory recognition award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , which has also helped us to make our constant low strain heat treatment  more widespread.  With our motto "safety at a high speed" , we will carry out quality manufacturing that provides customers peace of mind.  We are also considering overseas expansion.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have already received orders for specialized heat treatment from major listed companies .  Our technology is fully utilized in the line where the products are shipped overseas after processing in Japan.  At least 70% of our domestic orders are to be shipped to overseas destinations.  We have acquired the American Bureau of Shipping certification, and received an unofficial offer on a large-scale project in the US.  We are responding to customers in accordance with JISQ9100 certification, which we have obtained.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2006) / 4th Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Nippon Grand Award (product and technology development category  2012)
[Media] Business Research (Kenjo no Sentaku)

ISO9100 certification.
ISO14001 certification.
OHSAS18001 certification.
JISQ9100 certification.
Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program certified.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Takasago Plant “superior quality control factory” recognition.

[Joint research and development]
National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology Shikoku Center; Gijutsu Needs Mochikomi-gata Kenkyuu “Joining disparate elements. Development of Ti-Ni composite pole plates for use in conjunction with resistance welding”

[Factory (domestic)]
Osaka Factory (Osaka prefecture, Sakai city), Hyogo Factory (Hyogo prefecture, Kasai city), Shikoku Factory (Ehime prefecture, Saijo city)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Takasago Plant “superior quality control factory” recognition,  Kobe Steel Ltd. (crank throw heat treatment) , Hitachi Metals Co.  Ltd. (heat treatment of metal molds)

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten 2013 / Chubu Core Manufacturing Technology Exhibition 2014

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Shikoku Head Office, SMRJ