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Latest update: 27/04/2017 13:58:29

TAKAGI Co., Ltd.

Exploring new markets by the development of unprecedented high functional fiber rope

We are a long-established, comprehensive fiber rope manufacturer, handling a variety of fiber rope products from general-purpose to high-functionality. Our domestic market share of marine high-functional fiber rope is top class. Our core technology is our high polymer rigid aramid fiber, which has excellent heat resistance and tensile strength. We also develop fully insulated ropes which can shut off current. we are working on the development of an unprecedented high-functional rope in order to create new markets. We also make and sell LED machinery for special applications.

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[Company strength]
For various needs and solutions, we start by investigating the current situation and getting to the heart of any outstanding problems. We then suggest efficiency, characteristics, and usage to aim for, and we have earned our customers' trust and appreciation by doing this.

[Business description]
We started our business as a synthetic fiber rope maker in Takamatsu city, Shikoku in 1954 and have expanded out to the entire nation of Japan. We supply fiber rope products from general purpose to high-functionality, to fit the needs of our customers in fisheries, maritime, and land industries.  Since this company's founding in 1954, we have been a synthetic fiber rope maker supplying everything from general purpose to high functionality fiber rope products to fit the needs of our customers in fisheries, maritime, and land industries starting in Shikoku's Takamatsu city and expanding out to the entire nation of Japan.

Rope manufacturing, electronics manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our core business is in high polymer rigid aramid fiber, and we have developed a completely insulated rope. In the current environment, there are no specific standards for this kind of product, so we have established new standards. We have been praised for our innovative product creation, built on the process of creating the way for a brand new market and the knowledge gained from this. We begin by developing testing methodology and evaluation procedures for materials without standards.

[Representative's message]
Our business is focused mainly on fiber ropes and LED machinery for unique purposes. We are active in a wide variety of fields, such as ships, maritime industries, fisheries, construction, public works, Power and communication, security, aviation, and consumer goods. We also work in various scales and regions, delivering products which bring new value to our customers. All of these are created with direct consideration for the location where customers will use them. We will continue to meet new customers and develop new products that will meet their needs, based on our accumulated knowledge, experience, ideas, and technologies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have a supervisor specifically in charge of handling new clients within the sales department, and this staff member is the point of contact for inquiries from major corporations and foreign businesses as well. Our engineering and manufacturing staff members are responsible for technical consultations, and visit clients directly when necessary to resolve problems. A special team is available for handling new customers, and these personnel take a sincere approach to management, information gathering, and other necessary operations for handling foreign clients.

[Market share/Ranking]
High functional fiber rope for ship use: top class domestic market share

[Awards and media coverage]
NHK “Ohayo Nippon” / TV Tokyo “Kyouko Toppa” / Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Nihon Kogyo Shimbun / Asahi Shimbun / Shikoku Shimbun / Etc.


[Joint research and development]
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (carrying out development of a rope free of static electricity), etc.

[Factory (domestic)]
Main Factory (Kagawa prefecture, Takamatsu city), Sanuki Factory (Kagawa prefecture, Sanuki city)

[Other sites]
Tokyo Sales Department

[Transaction form]
Please contact us with your inquiry.

[Transaction terms]
These will be negotiated separately.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have developed and delivered a line rope for keeping birds away at the request of an electric company.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Security & Safety Trade Expo / Techtextil (Frankfurt, Germany)

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