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Our strength is metal press processing for functional components such as engine parts for automotive applications.

At a meeting to discuss the planning and prototype stage, we'll explain how our press processing can lower your costs. For coil materials as thin as 9 mm, and sheeting material as thin as 12 mm, we have processing experience in the mass production of parts. Our subsidiary in China is manufacturing engine parts as well.

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[Company strength]
We will hold a business meeting with clients at the design or prototype stage to discuss specifications, and through press processing combinations such as “cast and cut items” or “forged and cut items,” reduce the cost of the finished product. In addition, our company offers an integrated package from prototype manufacturing all the way to  metal mold production and mass production of products, enabling us to meet customer requests swiftly.

[Business description]
Metal pressing products manufacturing and sales. Within the subset of car parts, we are especially focused on manufacturing functional components such as engine and transmission elements. In cooperation with other companies, after press processing, we can carry out cutting, grinding, and surface treatments (heat treatment, plating, coating, etc.), and deliver a completely finished product to you. Also, in Guangdong province, Guangzhou city in China, we have set up a subsidiary and are taking on customers since 2011, and began production of engine elements as of 2012.

Metal pressing products manufacturing industry (machinery and tools for transportation)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Using mechanical press machines and servo presses, we have developed wall thickening and other sheet forging techniques, as well as complete shearing technology, which we use to deliver mass production processed goods to our customers. We have experience working in mass production with coil materials up to 9 mm thickness, as well as sheet materials up to 12 mm in thickness. Also, at the VA or VE checking stages, if checking for the feasibility of  press processing is required, we can manufacture a sample product near the date of delivery. *Sample products are always manufactured with the form and level of precision determined necessary through individual consultations with the customer for each product.

[Representative's message]
This company was founded in 1968, and has been involved in the metal press processing of gas machinery and automotive body parts since day one. From the latter half of the 1990s, we began manufacturing of functional automotive parts, which require a high degree of precision, and at present we process items such as engine and transmission components and ABS sensor plates at our facilities. At our Chinese subsidiary as well, we have launched manufacturing for some engine components. Moving forward, we will keep our Japanese facilities as a mother factory, and at both this main location and our Chinese factory continue to deliver finished products to our customers with an appropriate business structure.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
For customer consultations, the company president takes command, and we will issue a diagram or other documentation to suggest the shape changes and other alterations obtainable through press manufacturing. As necessary, our technical staff also visit customers personally to expedite the resolution of any problems that may arise. Also, the former company president has been transferred to our subsidiary and given the post of general manager, and is conducting our business with not just China, but also other areas such as Southeast Asia kept in his field of vision.

ISO9001 (06/2004), ISO14001 (11/2000)

[Factory (domestic)]
Main Factory (Gifu prefecture, Kakamigahara city), Hida Factory (Gifu prefecture, Takayama city)

[Factory (overseas)]
Guangzhou City Economics and Technological Development Ward, Eiwa Economics Ward

[Other sites]
Head Offices (Gifu prefecture, Kakamigahara city)

[Transaction form]
Prototype product manufacturing, mass production product manufacturing (metal molds made in-house), etc.

[Transaction terms]
These will be determined case by case in consultation with the client.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ohashi Technica Inc., Kyoho Machine Works Ltd., Suncall Corp., Santou Kizai Kabushiki Gaisha

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Dongfeng Nissan Joyousha Co., Ltd. (transactions with our Chinese subsidiary)

[Exhibition History/Information]
South China District Shoudan Tenjikai: China (2013)

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