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Latest update: 08/01/2020 10:43:09

STEC Co., Ltd.

results with steel cutting designed for the automotive industry and measuring machinery

All of our prototype designs, as well as all cutting, measuring, analysis, and other machinery are individually designed to meet the needs and wants of our customers through high-mix low-volume production.  We are also developing products to fit the needs of the modern era, such as protein crystallization systems and automated cell fusion recovery devices, and constantly working to branch out into new fields.

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Sales Pitch

We have a fully customer-focused, one-stop system that offers production services ranging from research and development to design, production, assembly, maintenance, and sales and marketing.
Our motto is to create what does not exist in the world─production that cannot be emulated by anyone else. We carry out research and development for productization under this motto. We think a good way to produce high-performance machines that satisfies our customers is to closely cooperate with them to meet needs in a finely-tuned way, and enhance our portfolio of machines. We proactively reinvest profits into research and development in new fields. We think this drives us to expand our markets into new fields. We offer customer-focused production services ranging from research and development to design, manufacturing, and maintenance.
Our products are custom-made products for high-mix low-volume production according to the needs and wants of each customer, and our markets are difficult for leading enterprises to enter. Our cutting machines provide good surfaces to small to large objects and difficult-to-machine materials such as glass and ceramic. We also produce processing machines for vacuum plasma processing and bead samplers for cement sampling. Moreover, we produce products that meet the needs of the time, because we want to contribute to the development of science. These products include protein crystallization systems, cell fusion and collection automation systems, and vacuum plasma systems.
We respond to the unique professional needs of each customer with made-to-order finely-tuned products. We communicate with new customers through our organized internal structure for market development and overseas expansion. Our president himself will offer them an immediate proposal related to technical matters, transactional conditions, etc. He plays an active role in our overseas expansion. He visits trade firms or users with inquiries, the next time visiting their region, and then continues to visit them on a regular basis. We can make a quick response as we have an internal interpreter in the sales division. We also collect information through the contact points of support organizations for overseas expansion to help him with these activities.

Other presentation

[Company strength] 
This company's products are designed individually for each customer with a high level of specialization to meet their needs. We carry out research, development, and the creating of a finished product with the motto "creating something the world has never seen before... manufacturing products that no one else can." Through close cooperation with our customers, we add variations to our equipment to fit their requirements even better and are proud of both the performance of the end result and the satisfaction our customers feel on delivery. We proactively reinvest our profits into research and development in new fields, and this forms the driving force for our entrance into new markets.

[Business description] 
Since this company was established in 1991, we have worked in the design and manufacture of cutting machines, prototype devices, measuring, and analysis machinery. We are proud of our clientele and delivery record working with major steel companies and automotive makers, among others. In addition, we work to meet customer needs in a variety of fields, with manufacturing of order-made products such as vacuum processors, bead samplers, and soil analysis pre-processing units (devices which automate the procedures for creating a test sample for soil pollution analysis).

Machinery manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
 All our products are customized to meet each individual customer's wants and needs, and manufactured using a high-mix low-volume manufacturing model which enables us to enter into fields which are difficult for larger companies. We have experience producing cutting machines which produce smooth cross-sections for large items, small items, and even materials that are difficult to cut cleanly, such as glass and ceramics. We are also continually producing products which meet the new needs of the modern era, such as vacuum processing machinery to perform plasma processing in a vacuum and bead samplers to create cement samples, as well as protein crystallization systems born from our desire to contribute to the advancement of science.

[Representative's message]
As shown by our company policy "Challenge, Reform, and Innovation," we are constantly taking on new challenges, and constantly working to stimulate reform and innovation. In this way, we hope to inspire growth and development not only in our personnel, but also in our company as a whole. Our current goal is the expansion of our business not just within Japan but also into overseas markets, and we are working to set up new Estech facilities to achieve this. We hope to transplant this company's technologies and DNA into foreign industries. Much like the saying "Grasp Fortune by the forelock," we are confident that right now is a great business chance for this company.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
When the company takes on new clients, the president initially handles them personally. For technical consultations or inquiries related to our terms and conditions, we will issue an immediate proposal. In preparation for overseas expansion, the company president is personally handling these inquiries, and making appointments to meet face-to-face with the companies and users when visiting their offices, as well as making regular visits to clients after these initial dealings. The company has an in-house interpreter (business), so we can promptly handle these kinds of requests as well. Also, the general business department is acting as a point of contact for support groups dealing with overseas expansion issues, and gathers information about foreign markets as a follow-up to the company president's activities.

[Market share/Ranking]
In the field of steel sample manufacturing equipment (machines for casting a sample piece for use in analysis of iron compound content), this company's share of the domestic market is 80%.

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