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Latest update: 25/04/2018 18:03:16


Development of antibody binding protein with strong alkali tolerance

We have succeeded in developing and mass-producing a protein with exceptionally strong antibody binding properties that withstands alkali washing. Our in-house technological expertise enables us to handle everything from functionally enhancing proteins to producing immobilizing resins.


[Product description] The binding protein, Protein A, is used in an immobilizing gel carrier for the capture of antibodies in the manufacture of antibody drugs. Our Protein A variant has been modified by altering its amino acid sequence to be both alkali stable and highly functional in conjunction with an immobilizing resin. The modified protein and resin together create a highly effective chromatography medium for antibody purification. It is alkali tolerant with high binding capacity and excellent cost performance. We provide bulk supply of this modified Protein A and its gel carrier, Ab-Capcher, which delivers the best performance in the industry for antibody purification. We will continue to participate in joint development of useful protein function modifications, using our technology and expertise in amino acid modification. [Intellectual property] Affinity Ligand for Immunoglobulin (patent No. 4179517; patent also established in Europe and the United States) [Major facilities and equipment] HPLC equipment, mass spectrometers, automatic protein refining equipment, spectrophotometer, bio-shakers, PCR equipment, electrophoreses apparatus, clean benches


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