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We engage in development of solution concentrating devices for the medical and food sectors using our proprietary atomization separation technologies. 

We have developed devices for medical solvent recovery, hot spring water concentration, food concentration, and similar applications, based on our ultrasonic atomization separation technologies.  These devices have advantages in separation of solvents (which includes concentration, volume reduction, refinement, and recovery) such as low operating costs, safety, consistent quality, as well as their capabilities of separating materials, which used to be impossible in the past. 

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Sales Pitch

Mist separator
Low running costs.
Reduce the processing temperature during concentration.
Only electricity is used as a utility.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our atomization separation technologies themselves have been first developed in-house and are proprietary to us.  No other companies offer similar products.  We have applied for forty patents and so far obtained 20.  In addition, we have extensive know-how relating to construction and operation of these devices, which is one of our exceptional competitive strengths.

[Business description]
We are a research and development-oriented enterprise engaged in highly innovative endeavors based on our own proprietary ultrasonic atomization technologies.  The initial development period for the technologies is almost complete.  Based on these, we have nearly completed the development of devices for medical solvent recovery, hot spring water concentration, and food concentration, and are heading towards mass production and sale of them.  We built up our structure for technological development and production last year, and are now trying to finish the current fiscal year in the black.  With the basic technologies complete, we have been working on development of individual applications since last year, while soliciting regional device sales agents nationwide. 

Equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
In solvent separation operations (concentration, volume reduction, refinement, solvent recovery etc.), our systems (i) require low operating costs (ii) can separate materials that used to be impossible to separate (iii) have quick start and stop operation (iv) require no heat thus enhancing both safety and quality stability (v) are easily expandable as needed and (vi) require only electricity in terms of utilities.  Compared to other distillation apparatus and evaporators that offered similar functions in the past, these products have many competitive strengths.

[Representative's message]
We have completed the initial period of research and development, and now intend to move toward building a sales function in the organization of making our technologies more widespread.  We are confident that we have the highest level of technologies for changing the concentration of solvents, and are grateful for your continued adoption of our technologies.  Our mission is to reduce costs and deliver competitive advantages for our customers, while continuously preserving and bettering the environment through our business activities. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We can respond to inquiries in English. Our website also has an English version. We are eager to license our technologies to overseas users.

[Market share/Ranking]
100% share for atomization separation devices

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] U.S.-Japan Council TOMODACHI Tohoku Challenge Grand Prize; Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards Shikoku Bureau of Economy Trade and Industry Director's Award  [Media] "NHK Science Zero" journals and other publications

Approximately 20 patents obtained to date

[Joint research and development]
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Nagoya University University of Tokushima Doshisha University Ritsumeikan University

[Other sites]
Tokyo Branch: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Venture Port, Room 208, 2-24-16 Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo

[Transaction form]
Parts sales requiring licensing agreement, and product sales

[Transaction terms]
Immediate payment after delivery, inspection, and acceptance

[Exhibition History/Information]
Bio Japan and others WEFTECH 2012 New Orleans

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