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Manufacturing induction heating power sources that enable efficient heat processing

Alonics is engaged in the design and sale of induction heating devices used in industrial heating processes such as soldering, brazing, hardening, shrink fitting and the like. The company has a long track record of supplying automobile parts factories and university research laboratories, where strict quality control and high efficiency are required. Alonics is also allied with an American induction heating power source manufacturer, further enhancing its technological capabilities.

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Sales Pitch

We achieve our customers' ideal heating experience through our precision induction heating equipment.
Induction heating (IH) is the process of heating an electrically conductive material in a contactless manner without using a flame.
It is currently attracting attention as an environmentally- and workplace-friendly efficient industrial heating process that reduces the burden on the environment.
We contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of heating processes by offering our induction heating equipment that utilizes induction heating power supply based on advanced solid state technology.
In many industrial thermal processes, induction heating-based solutions provide variation-free high-accuracy manufacturing processes. In this way, they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial heating processes.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Alonics is engaged in the design and sale of induction heating (IH) devices used in industrial heating processes like soldering, brazing, hardening, shrink fitting and the like. It has a long track record in supplying devices to automobile parts manufacturing facilities, where strict quality control and high efficiency are demanded, and to university research laboratories where reliability is mandatory. The company will develop highly dependable and efficient systems that are optimally suited to each customer's individual requirements. 

[Business description]
The company manufactures and sells high frequency power sources, as well as devices using such high frequency waves for industrial applications and scientific research, such as induction heating (IH) power sources and heating devices, RF power amplifiers and others.

Manufacturing of high frequency utilization devices

[Strength of products/technologies]
Induction heating, or IH, is a non-contact method of heating using electrical control. Compared to combustion heating, it is cleaner, more consistent and precisely controllable, and enables the user to heat a specific location for a specific time under carefully controlled conditions. Induction heating power sources, the core of these devices, maximize the efficiency of electrical transmission by automatic frequency tuning. Furthermore, as heating can be initiated abruptly, there is no need for the device to remain powered on at all times, bringing additional efficiency to the heating process. 

[Representative's message]
Our company is a relative latecomer in the manufacture of high frequency utilization equipment, having been founded in 2003. However, our experience supplying the production facilities of major manufacturers has led to the accumulation of broad ranging technical know-how, and our alliance with an American manufacturer of integrated induction heating power sources has contributed to further advancement of our technological capabilities. We have cases where, after a first unit is delivered, orders for second and third units follow, along with orders from other departments for different applications. We feel that we as a company have been meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and we will continue to elevate our quality in support of production and research sites. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Alonics has sales staff dedicated to customer response who serve as the portal for inquiries from customers large and small. Without regard for whether a customer is new or existing, technical staff provides support for technical issues and inquiries, sharing customers' challenges and proposing appropriate solutions. Furthermore, we can provide free testing at our laboratory along with equipment rentals to help in selecting the best models for installation. 

[Awards and media coverage]
[Commendations] / "Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition Business Idea Seeds Market Excellence Award" (2006)  /[Media Exposure] /Soldering Report (August 19, 2013), Kinzoku Sangyo Shimbun (October 14, 2013)

[Joint research and development]
N/A (Track record in supplying universities and public institutions)

[Factory (domestic)]
At head office location

[Other sites]
At head office location

[Transaction form]
Joint development, product sales

[Transaction terms]
In principle, bank remittance 30 days after delivery and acceptance. Open to negotiations.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Major electronic equipment manufacturers (supply of heating devices, 2007 ? present), major heavy machinery manufacturers (supply of heating devices, 2011 ? present), and others including major automobile manufacturers and electrical machinery manufacturers

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
N/A (Supported by local sales companies of induction heating power source manufacturers)

[Exhibition History/Information]
NEPCON Japan 2013, N-PLUS 2013, Ota Industrial Fair 2013, PV EXPO 2012, Ota Industrial Fair 2014 (planned), and others under consideration

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