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Latest update: 28/05/2019 11:29:36

PAL Inc.

Development of microwave sensors with low detection error even in severe outdoor environments

We develop highly reliable sensors using microwave signal processing technology that are ideally suited to applications such as safety monitoring, distance measurement, security and the like. We also develop image processing boards used in a variety of applications, including detection of foreign objects, and print and shape inspection.


[Product description] • As they use electronic waves (microwaves), these sensors are excellent in climatic conditions such as rain, wind, snow and fog, and are capable of highly reliable measurement even in challenging environments. • They conform to the low power 24GHz band specified by technical standards (ARIB STD-T73). Operation does not require a license application to the wireless agency, and it can be used by anyone, indoors or out. •Sensitivity can be adjusted to lower the signal reflective strength of the target, so as not to detect small animals — although it will detect large dogs and the like or herds of animals. • As transmission and reception is unified, wiring is only needed on the sensor side, leading to potential savings in installation labor and other costs.

[Product description] BSV11, BRAST Security Vision Unit is to detect intruder by analyzing video of analog camera and IP camera in real time. This unit makes output of alarm signal as well as video detected incase of intrusion.


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