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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:16:12


Developed ultrasonic deburring and washing device for F1 engines

Manufacturing ultrasonic deburring and washing device that removes burr that could not be removed earlier. May be used for burr in multiple areas such as large aircrafts,  automobile parts,  electronic devices, smartphone parts, and medical devices. No chemicals are used.


[Product description] Ultrasonic deburring/washing device PERION-DB has a cavitation-strengthening system and is a manual generic ultrasonic washing device. It also has a circulating water filtration system and a vacuum deaeration device. The cavity of the device is spherical and allows powerful ultrasonic washing. Frequency may be selected to alter power from super powerful to delicate ultrasonic washing. [Intellectual property] Patent pending [Major facilities and equipment] Ultrasonic deburring device PERION-DB-4800/PERION-DB-2400

[Product description] Best-selling automatic washing/drying device because it is highly functional, is well-built and strong, as well as is easy to maintain. Its standardized management of maintenance of parts is also simple, which is why it is widely used in Asia. There are a variety of options to customize the product to meet client needs. Please choose the globally successful VEGA series to manage your quality. [Intellectual property] Patent pending [Major facilities and equipment] PERION-DB-2400 Ultrasonic deburring device PERION-DB-4800 PERION-DB-2400


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