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Large scale business systems and digital signage

We build report creation software for efficient reporting and WEB-based business systems.  We also develop apps using smart devices and have experience in development of IT capital management systems for over 7,000 units of IT equipment.  We are striving to expand our digital signage system business as well. 

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[Company strength]
1. We have experience in design and development of small/medium/large enterprise IT systems 
2. We have experience in scratch and agile development of business systems 
3. We develop and sell products such as BI tools and report-creation software that do not require programs, as well as report development tools 
4. Development of reports with our products offers high performance and low costs 
5. We have experience in building large IT capital management systems using products of IT capital management agents 
6. We have experience in building various business systems with smart devices and creating websites using WEB creation techniques

[Business description]
1. Sale of digital signage systems for managing information including that of residents, and deployment of digital signage systems (aligned with smart devices) for apartments using commercial large screen TV and PC on a cloud computing method
2. Production and sales of BI (Business Intelligence) tools and report creation tools for efficient development of reports 
3. Building of corporate business systems 
4. Design and development of business systems that use smart devices 
5. System deployment by clouding digital signage system (smart device alignment) of TV and PC 
6. IT consulting

Software business

[Strength of products/technologies]
Demands for reports with MS-Office (Word/Excel) are high .  We excel in analyzing the internal structures of MS-Office to develop products effectively and efficiently.  We also use special components to control Operation Systems that have been developed through production and information leakage prevention stages.  Our strengths also lie in knowledge and experience in business system development, as well as development of smart devices and test samples of apps.  We have also succeeded in real alignment of digital signage contents control with smartphones by clouding.  We are also working on cost-effective digital signage systems using large screen TV and smartphones (our signage system for apartments were developed on unique concepts.)

[Representative's message]
We would like to extend sales channels for our products Documenter®, eDocutool®, CubeIntelligence®, CubeSignage®, MansionSignage™  as well as increase contracts on smart device-related work and OEM clients.  We are happy to present our app samples for smartphones that use smart devices.  This will help to deepen our customers' understanding in our digital signage system development and our expansion in domestic and overseas markets.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have experience in dealing with large enterprises and have no concern about our organizational capabilities for development work.  Our managing director, who heads our systems department, will visit new clients whenever necessary to deal with any technical inquiries/problems.  New clients both in Japan and overseas will be addressed by our CEO.  We are also considering hiring staff members who are fluent in Japanese and English.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have sold over 60 licenses for our main product, CsvDocumenter/eDocuToo/CI(BI tool), as of Feb 2013.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] 1. Reporting product “eDocuToolⓇ” received the Nagoya Industrial Technology Chairman Award at the Nagoya Industrial Technology Grand-prix in 2008 2. Report creation software DocumenterⓇ received the same award in 2009 3. CubeSignage received the Encouragement Award in 2012
[Media] 1. Chubu Economy Newspaper for CSV Documenter on April 2nd  2009 2. Chubu Economy Newspaper for CSV Documenter on March 25th  2010 3. “Production of Report-creation Software” in Autumn/2010 issue of Nagoya Industrial Association paper 4. “Apartment Signage” in Spring/2014 issue of Nagoya Industrial Association paper

Business Innovation Plan has been approved by the governor of Aichi prefecture

[Joint research and development]
1. Collaborative research on product improvement with Takara Group 2. Collaborative research on improved dashboard functions and portal site development of BI tools (CubeIntelligence) with Makita 3. Collaborative development of Chubu University’s “Class video distribution system”

[Other sites]

[Transaction form]
Development of test development apps,  OEM contracting,  license contracting,  commissioned development etc.

[Transaction terms]
Payment: in the month after delivery and testing

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Panasonic,  Makita,  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation,  Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  Takara Group , Central Nippon Expressway,  NDS , Zennno  Japan, Space Systems,  Ichinen Holdings  etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our digital signage for apartments “MansionSignage” is scheduled to be deployed overseas (Southeast Asia).  We have a record with overseas subsidiaries of Makita (Makita Russia,  Makita Africa,  Makita UK , Makita Switzerland,  Makita Belgium , Makita Finland etc.)

[Exhibition History/Information]
System Development Environment Event at Tokyo Big Site in May 2010 / Small and Medium Enterprise Event at Makuhari Messe in Nov 2011/Business Plan Presentation for Aichi Industries in March 2014

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