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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:15:30

Mitani Micronics Co., Ltd.

We provide mask technology in pursuit of downsizing and high precision.

We are able to convey a sense of reliability and quality satisfaction to our customers using high-precision fine-line technology. We can manufacture various masks corresponding to the circulation of data in a broad range of industries such as substrates, chip manufacturing, and design.


[Product description] We manufacture chrome masks with pattern line widths as low as 1.0 μm and emulsion glass masks which can be used for low-cost first-stage prototypes and process checks. Our film masks are easily handled, have a low cost, and are quickly delivered. We support basic technology of IT equipment such as micro devices, various substrates, and display objects.

[Product description] Our products enable high-precision printing and a long operating life by using our independently developed MFT mesh. They are applicable in a wide range of fields from electronic components such as capacitors, inductors, and chip resistors, to solar cells and touch panels.

[Product description] We have pursued smaller and more precise products with a total pitch within ±10 μm in the field of optimal metal masks for mounting technology or solder processes. We developed an additive method that is indispensable for high-precision printing with excellent dimensional stability, in addition to the etching and laser methods.


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