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Latest update: 08/01/2020 10:43:09

WORKS Co. Ltd.

Manufacturing industry with dreams

Our company engages in integrated operations from ultra-precision grinding, machining and nano-level micro processing to quality assurance and physical distribution. We have achieved shape processing precision of less than 2 microns. This makes it possible to eliminate the manual polishing process, stabilizing the quality of drawing dies and reducing the price of the final product.


[Product description] Our direct carving machining technology can handle small lot production of plastic optical lenses and optical lens prototypes. It does not require die equipment, thus helping to reduce cost and speed delivery. The precision of our direct carved plastic optical lenses is Ra 20 ? 30nm. [Major facilities and equipment] AHN15-3D, manufactured by JTEKT

[Product description] Use of this non electrical discharge machining technology allows us to fully machine grind what has previously required subsequent manual polishing. This enables us to advance processing precision by leaps and bounds to less than 2 microns. It vastly enhances precision in the machining of female drawing dies, which have typically been in the 10 ? 20 micron range. This dramatically raises the accuracy of engagement with the male punch and prolongs the life of the die 5-fold compared to traditional dies. This world’s first technology delivers major improvements in the quality of such punches and dies, with more consistent reproduction in addition to longer life. Internal precision: Ra 0.2nm. [Authorization/Certification] Utility Model 2010-004712; 3163672 [Intellectual property] Utility Model: Die for draw mold processing

[Product description] Microneedle processing is a fundamental technology for needle patches and other items that are already on the market. We have established high precision master die fabrication technology for ultra micro processing of various shapes and materials. This includes conical, quadrangular, lozenge, tapered 2-stage, hollow and other configuration, in materials such as carbide, SUS, acrylic, polylactic acid and others. Surface precision: Ra 0.2 μm.